Carney Asked if ‘Saul Alinsky Portrait’ Is Hanging in the White House

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Tiffany Gabbay

During a White House press briefing on Monday, Fox News’ Ed Henry asked Press Secretary Jay Carney if the White House displays a portrait of Saul Alinsky for its staff to look up to. Carney’s answer was less than direct, and would seem to hint that there just might be something to the Alinsky portrait rumors.

Press Secretary Jay Carney’s non denial-denial is classic see here.  Is it possible to get a straight answer from these guys?

And all these years we were led to believe he was teaching Constitutional Law!

“I wonder if you could clear something up,” Henry began.

“Newt Gingrich keeps saying on the campaign trail that the President’s vision comes from Saul Alinsky, the community organizer. I haven’t heard you asked about him but… Is there some kind of portrait of him hanging up in the White House that people look up to or is this BS?”

“Look,” Carney said. “The President’s background as a community organizer is well documented in his own books. His experience in that field contributed to who he is today. But his experiences abroad also included alot of other areas in his life. So I’ll just leave it at that.”

He added, “Have I said how much fun I had as a reporter covering Congress from 1996 to 1998? There was a certain bombast to it at the time. Lots of colorful things to cover.”

(h/t: Fox Nation)

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3 thoughts on “Carney Asked if ‘Saul Alinsky Portrait’ Is Hanging in the White House

  1. 1996-1998? Colorful is right. Who could miss those colorful stains on Monica’s dress!

  2. Just another ” non-answer ” from Carney. Wonder if Ed really expected a ‘real’ answer, or better yet, the real truth. And we thought that “chuckles Gibbs ” was a joke !! However, it must be a tough job to defend the likes of someone like Owebama, and do it with a straight face. Or, maybe it takes good acting !!

  3. Carney never gives a sraight answer. If Obama has a picture of Saul Alinsky, it is probbly in his private quarters or bedroom. He would not want anyoneto know he had a picture of Sau Alinsky, but it would not suprise me if he worshiped that picture when he is by himself if he has one.

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