Finally Nancy Pelosi to be contested for her congressional seat in 2012

By Jim Campbell

Moe Zam Beek a not too distant relative of the current occupant of the White House is pissed off.  Apparently Obama has refused to call him little brother and send him some money.

In an interview with MSLSD, Moe told Rachel Mad-Cow he was over his big brothers socialist agenda.

Moe’s campaign adviser, a Chinese illegal contributor  to the Clinton campaign fun,  Hu Flung Sheet, has advised  that the Beek campaign will feature the fact that Mr. Beek has a  serious pair and is ready to do battle with members of the progressive movement. 

From time to time the excess testosterone makes him susceptible to sudden our bursts of rage.  Nothing however compared with the delusional, frequently psychotic, paranoid former speaker and current broom flyer.

Sheet has since become a U.S. Citizen as President Clinton granted such by Executive Order-OU812.

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8 thoughts on “Finally Nancy Pelosi to be contested for her congressional seat in 2012

  1. What happened to Wun Hung Lo?…..Haven’t heard anything for quite sometime about him…..perhaps he was deported?

    JC… your sense of humor!

  2. That woman disgusts me.

  3. I do like a lot of your pictures…lol…To bad some of the congress doesnt have some his balls…I had to say as I dont usually say things like that to othere ppl.. just furg

  4. Newt Does! LOL He has brass ones!

  5. Wells bells! I knew it was too good to be true (anyone running against Pelosi). I suppose it is difficult for all her constituents to find another candidate who is willing to service them in the manner in which they have become accustomed. I swear that woman is looney tunes! I get the feeling that the asylum (the capitol) has been taken over by the inmates!
    (thanks for the flicker of hope if only for a second)

    • LOL, no, Carol, honey! It is not “Wells bells”. It is “Hells Bells”. LOL
      Servicing them made her tire (and maybe looney…lol
      I was and still sometimes do think she is Bi-Polar.

  6. NOT “I was” (bad grammar). I did and still….

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