No room for Newt, Allen West or you in Romney’s GOP: Really?

Town Hall

Commentary by Jim Campbell
There is nothing wrong with changing one’s position when new information or science is brought forward.  One of Willard, “Mitt” Romney’s problems is that as the video clearly shows, it’s not about a reason to change it’s about pandering  to the voter. 
Romney has turned speaking out of both sides of his mouth into an art form.  Art that clear thinking individuals won’t buy as the cost is far too great.
Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up and show yourself?
Well now there you are!
The so-called elites may have already spoken and Romney may have already been anointed, but an elder Bush, McCain, and Dole type compromiser is not what our country needs in a pivotal time in our history.  Romney has shown by his  (See his actual record of  failed policies as Governor in MA,  that he leans to the left on the bridge too far.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.
Romney’s views very similar to Obama on abortion, the stimulus, TARP, war time tables, gun control laws, amnesty for illegals, government mandated healthcare……

Get ready for the all new GOP, under the lead of Mitt Romney.

It’s a GOP where the Tea Party won’t be welcome, where the federal government will continue to bailout out banks and unions and everyone who’s anyone will continue to make money- except of course you and me.

We’ll just continue to get stuck with the 100 year mortgage payment, as the GOP continues to be the “tax collector for the welfare state,” in the WSJ’s apt phrase.

That’s the takeaway from Florida where Florida Representative Will Weatherford, a Romney proxy, helped redistrict Tea Party favorite Congressman and retired Col. Allen West into a much more liberal district than he previously represented.

I guess Tea Party ideas of limited government and fiscal responsibility aren’t wanted in the GOP under Mitt.

Writes the Florida political blog the Shark Tank:

West’s congressional district inexplicably sheds the most out support as compared to all other incumbent Republican and Democrat Congressman. A few weeks back we quoted an unnamed legislator saying that, “Allen West was screwed”, a statement which was originally made about made five months before the purposed maps were made public, leading insiders to believe that the fix was in against Allen West. But in light of Weatherford’s comment, it is increasingly clear that this is a fait accompli.

Republicans control both houses of the Florida state legislature plus the governor’s office and could have written the new congressional districts however they wanted. But they decided to throw a bone to liberals in the state by redistricting Allen West out of a job.

Why should that surprise anyone?

Throwing a bone to liberals is the thing that Romney, McCain, Dole, Bush and company do best. They recoil under the assault of the left-wing media in this country, seeking refuge in the “bipartisan” label, reaching across the aisle to “get things done” so that they can hit the cocktail circuit and make jokes about guys like Col. West…oh, and you too.

This is the same GOP gang that gave us Charlie Crist, Romneycare, real estate bailouts, automaker bailouts, abortion bailouts, assault weapon bans.

Yeah, yeah, Obama is the Devil, but Mitt and company have been willing accomplices.

And because of that complicity, conservatives will under-vote for president in 2012 rather than support another Bush-Dole-Bush clone in the White House. Heck, there are lots of positive things to say about the Bushes and the Doles, but little good to say about Romney.

He’s Bush-Dole without character.

But give him this: The guy really, really wants to be president. Toward that end, he’ll say anything you want to hear just as soon as he knows what you want to hear. So don’t believe anything that comes out of Romney’s mouth. When he says “read  my lips,” you should plug your ears- and just imagine Mitt saying whatever you want to hear.

It won’t matter anyway.

As Romney advisor, former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman- you know, the guy who lost to Al Freakin’ Franken?- admitted recently, Romney is not going to repeal Obamacare no matter what he says on the campaign trail.

Observes the Wall Street Journal:

It was a remarkable admission, especially given the aspiring Republican President whose ear Mr. Coleman happens to have. Then again, it may also be evidence of his kind of crack political thinking that couldn’t outwit Al Franken of all people in the 2008 race and again in the 2009 recount and thus provided the 60th Senate vote for ObamaCare.

The larger point is that the path of least political resistance for the GOP would be to revert to its historic minority role as tax collectors for the welfare state, and this temptation is especially strong for health care. No one doubts that repealing and replacing ObamaCare will be a hard slog if the party does take the White House and Senate in 2012, namely because the American political system is designed to make change hard (even if those controls failed in 2010 amid Democratic abuses). Mr. Coleman’s advice is, essentially, why bother trying.

But that hasn’t stopped Romney from bravely telling us that Obamacare’s individual mandate is unconstitutional, while Romenycare’s individual mandate is not.

The Obamacare repeal will be Mitt’s 0-97 vote in the Senate, just the way Obama’s budget was an oh-fer in 2011.


And here it is: Romney is lying to you one way or another.

He’ll keep one big, fat Obamacare or he’ll try to foist on you 57 varieties of Romneycare that add up to the same thing.

But in either case, like Allen West, the rest of us will pay the price for Romney’s intellectual inconsistencies in pursuit of the great, white house.

Because if Romney wins the nomination, expect neither hope nor change for the GOP.

Expect four more for Obama or in the best case scenario, Obama lite.

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16 thoughts on “No room for Newt, Allen West or you in Romney’s GOP: Really?

  1. No hate mail my friend you are hitting the nail on the head, as you say if Romney get’s the nod there will be no change from 2013 thru 2017. He will continue the same policies that’s why we have to get Newt in and hope he picks West or Palin for running mate. There will also be a change in the Senate as Orly Taitz is running, and even sarah would be good as SOS. What is your thing JC

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  3. I think Newt is a fight and will win in the end.

  4. I do too, Shirley. The man knows exactly what he is dong.

  5. Ralph! Hey Ralph! Great ideas!!!!
    West, Palin or Taitz.

    Know who else I’d like to see added to your list?
    Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona.

  6. Upaces

    not a bad idea like the way she stood her ground on tarmac, even Taitz would be good for Atty. Gen.

  7. Shirley
    As Newt said he is going all the way to the convention and I also think he will come out on top and wipe the floor with Obama.

  8. He is a very good man. He is a moral man. I don’t want him to think he has to change to be in D. C.

    These are his statements made in less than 72 Hours:
    1) I would have Muslims on my staff (Muslims are allowed to lie to Infidels);
    2) When asked about it? States that he “Misspoke (sp)”; in other words, he didn’t understand Muslims UNTIL
    someone corrected him then he understood his error and said he Misspoke.
    3) In the next breath, he still hadn’t learned from his first mistake and Changed it to — they can give me an Oath
    (same mistake–Muslims allowed to lie to infidels);
    4) I will have homosexuals on my staff;
    5) Until politics he held Hard-line stance on Homosexuality as a sin
    Homosexuality is a sin and a choice. Cain betrayed himself and his religious beliefs in order to be elected? Oh, My!
    6) He apologized to Mexico for voicing “I will put an electric fence on the border.” (Hmmm, apologizing for America, sound familiar?

    You can see the comment at the following URL:

    Herman Caine’s campaign is being bank rolled by,”Skull and Bones”!
    – Slick Corporate Salesman
    – Skull and Bones Pilsbury company
    – Worked for Coca-Cola
    – God Father Pizza – Pilsbury Company
    – Pilsbury Cartel – founding memmbers of Skull and Bones!
    – Pro Torture
    – Federick T. Gates involved and involved with and helped start David
    Rockefeller organizations
    – Held Position at Federal Reserve

  9. I would vote for Santorum. I could vote for Newt if he refrains from sticking his tongue under Satan’s tail like Cain did. But I will not vote for Romney! I doubt that a good VP on the ticket will change that. . Romney would destroy the Conservative brand. I will not be part of that.

    • Unfortunately Santorum won’t make it and it will come down to Newt and Romney at the convention. Because Newt said he will not drop out he is going all the way.

    • Newt did make himself very public and very loudly that (paraphrase) “I am afraid for Our Country because of Islam.”

      My eyes teared up when he said that.
      Video: Aggressive Prosecution of Muslim Groups

      Newt & The Threat of Islam
      “I am deeply worried…my grandchildren die of terrorism”
      …”spreading their poison by sermons, poison on the Internet;”
      ” they engage against the Country that gave them jobs and security”;

      “Schools recruit suicide bombers”;

      Iran ran ads on TV last year to recruit 12 yr olds, etc.

      “And, we tolerate it…when do we draw the line!”

      This specific video lets us know Exactly where Newt stands on Islam!

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