Last night in Florida “Slick trumped Substance”

Jim Campbell

In what is a very clear sign that the voters in Florida have not given Mr. Slick a serious look under the hood, Mitt Romney beat Newt Gingrich by double digits, 46.4 to 31.9% yesterday.

Whatever Florida voters needed to hear Mitt said it the truth be damned

Will this be the end of Newt Gingrich’s run for the republican nomination?  Not hardly.  Speaker Gingrich knows that Romney is not much more than Obama-light! 

Perhaps the Florida voter has become so used to the operations of the slick  Team Obama they were mesmerized by the similarities.

For the Record: The Legislative Record of Mitt Romney as Governor of MA

Did Mitt Romney do as much as he said to turn around the Salt Lake City Olympics?

The old axiom, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”~  Lenin Russian Communist politician & revolutionary (1870 – 1924), indicate the Florida voter was incapable of differentiating  between ” Illegal Resident Slick” and “Candidate Sick,” both of whom have turned lying into an art form.

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6 thoughts on “Last night in Florida “Slick trumped Substance”

  1. Mitt Never says much about the Military ?

    The military is again facing major cuts :
    Before the powers that be implement there cuts I would ask that all America be aware that there is no minimum training for combat.
    In Nov. 1950 after a major cutback of men from WWII. 15000 men , most reservist with as little as two weeks of combat training were sent Chosen Reservoir in Korea , It is noted that they gave a Heroic measure of themselves . But did not end well.

  2. I believe tht Mitt Romney at heart is a liberal. He governed and said many things over the course of his life that were liberal that he can’t be a conservative at heart. He is just trying to act like one to get the Republican nomination, but I doubt he will govern as one if he gets the Presidency, which I do not think he will. I think many people see him for what he is really.

  3. Being a Florida native I am SOOOO damned ashamed of the voters in my State, I can’t belive there are that many stupid people living here.

  4. I posted an article similair to this to wake up some people. Plain to see that Obama increased the size of government and made it very attractive. But most don’t care and companies are not matching on any level to this. So the normal working person still will not get ahead or have a good benefit package. More reason to shrink government and take Obama out.

  5. I am a Floridian who is totally ashamed of the people of my State. JC, you are right, they looked under the hood. They listened to the 13,000 negative ads put out by the Romney people and obviously believed them. Speaker Gingrich put out 200 and Romney complained about them. I found what Romney did in FL despicable, but the majority did not. Of course his primary supporters came from heavily populated areas like Miami/Dade where we have our Northeast transplants and the Cuban-American population. Marco Rubio helped Romney in a subtle way. The tea party made Rubio and he pays them back with support for a RINO. Romney/Obama no difference except the color of their skin.

  6. Mr. Obama was NOT vetted properly and neither is Mr. Romney, since I cannot find stories about his Mormon church and how it supports the PLO over Israel and posthumously baptizes mass murderers like Hitler and his henchmen, Communist dictators and other mass murderers before billions of other “Gentiles.” Does Mr. Romney want to own his very own planet one day as Mormonism teaches, while also demanding utter and absolute obedience to their “death vows” of silence about Tabernacle requirements on how to own your own planet. It is one thing to have a Mormon to just about anything OTHER than be POTUS, since their religion and their role with Israel and the claims they make about their inheritance there are questionable at best, and downright dangerous at most. And at this point, it looks as if Rick Santorum, instead of wanting to lead the Conservative movement to defeat RINO Romney, is now only ensuring that Conservatives have NO REAL VOTE this year. History may prove to be very rough on Rick Santorum, since he may well cost the Conservative movement any real chance at beating Obama and getting off the current road to Hell America is on. Thanks for nothing, Santorum!!! Go Newt!!!

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