Unable to use and Executive Order or dictatorial force Obama results to his time worn strategy

Commentary by Jim Campbell

Understanding that the Chevy Volt is destined to make the Ford Edsel a forgotten memory, Obama put’s forth a “bold” plan of action.  I believe he learned the term bold by listening to Newt Gingrich during the debates with his bold ideas.

Fearing voter back lash to mandatory “Volt Care Program” and another Constitutional challenge, Obama results to the tactic he knows so well.  Obama said, ” If I can’t force them to buy the damn thing I’ll bribe them, it works with democrats all the time.”  “Oh yes, and one more thing, if your car catches fire Michelle will take you to her favorite rib joint for lunch and pose for an autographed picture with you.” ” You got to help me folks this car is better suited for a boat anchor, but I’m trying to compromise with you.”

Running slogan for Obama’s election campaign:  If they don’t revolt they will buy a Volt.   ( caveat emptor)

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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4 thoughts on “Unable to use and Executive Order or dictatorial force Obama results to his time worn strategy

  1. My father and I were GM dealers for a total of some 30 years. The question is, what dealer is going to stock and pay floor plan interest on an out and out unsellable RAT like the Volt??? Never mind the inevitable product liability lawsuits bound to come up sooner or later.
    Will Hussein be bribing dealers as well? Will he use threats? Will he sell directly from GM factory inventories–that is, the 5 or six cars per year which might actually get sold regardless of the kick back Hussein offers? I doubt we’ll ever get the facts.

    • Hi Doug, I believe he will do what he has always done, told the shareholders to take a hike while he made sure the AFL-CIO thugs got paid back. Can we get rid of this guy soon? Please feel free to grab anything from my site that may spark an idea, I enjoy reading your stuff at Coaches Right, Doug, J.C.

  2. First of all we cannot afford to pay $10,000 to everyone to buy a volt because we are broked. We borrow money to pay things now. Secondly, even getting a $10,000, many people cannot aford to buy a Volt. The mileage must be able to drive a long way into other states for a vaction or a vist to a loved one, before it is practical to buy a Volt even if you can afford one. You would have to have gasoline car also to make it feasible to go on vaction, etc. So until the price comes way down, and the cars become as good a gasoline cars, there won’t be many sold, even with a $10,000 rebate.

  3. Shirley,
    Problem is, it was never ABOUT the quality of the car or how many might sell. It was always about providing an excuse for keeping union members employed at a GM plant. After all, only employed UAW people can have union dues taken from their checks each week for the yearly split between union bosses and Barack’s campaign. And tax payers financed THE WHOLE THING!!! AIN’T ‘HOPE AND CHANGE’ GREAT?

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