The IRS is Squandering $15 Million on Public Relations to Improve its Image

by Dan Mitchell

The CATO Institute

Commentary by Jim Campbell

Let’s suppose our elected officials would actually make a flat tax become law.  Flat/Fair, I prefer the FAIR Tax because it does away with the IRS. Left to the evil minds in congress that would eventually corrupt either plan, the flat tax doesn’t completely abolish the income tax where the FAIR Tax does.  Both would result in doing away with lobbyists, I don’t see that happening because many who serve as our leaders can be bought. See the article, “Ex-Lobbyist: Most in Congress accept bribes.”

The overwhelming fiscal policy challenge for America is entitlement programs, as I explain in this set of videos. To protect America from becoming another Greece, we need personal retirement accounts for Social Security. We need vouchers for Medicare. And we need to block-grant Medicaid back to the states.

Real reform can give people more security and save taxpayers by reducing the burden of government spending by trillions of dollars over the next several decades.

See how simple that was. No need to throw $15 million down the toilet of some politically connected PR firm.

Enjoy the videos

And here’s another video documenting the onerous compliance burden of the current system and explaining how that flat tax would de-fang the IRS.

Seems like such a good idea that only people who benefit from the current system would be opposed. Unfortunately, that describes the political class, upon which we’re relying to get such reforms.

But sometimes it is the comparatively tiny bits of spending that effectively illustrate the waste, stupidity, and venality of big government. Lets talk about how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is squandering $15 million in a way that should drive taxpayers ballistic with rage.

Here are some disturbing details from the Wall Street Journal report.

The nation’s tax collector wants a “full service communications and marketing company” to help convey its “corporate vision and goals,” according to a 49-page solicitation sent to 12 agencies. The winner’s duties could include market research, educating the public about new tax provisions, and designing national information campaigns. The one-year contract could be extended for four more years, with a total value of as much as $15 million, the IRS solicitation says. PR firm Porter Novelli has had the contract for four years, but it reached the $17.5 million limit, IRS spokesman Terry Lemons said. …The IRS has relied on Porter Novelli to help inform taxpayers about some new laws and programs. Porter Novelli confirmed that the firm works with the IRS, but declined to comment further. Public relations experts said it would be an attractive challenge, given the agency’s unpopularity. …PR types said it’s technically possible to think of tougher marketing challenges — but not many. “Advancing the interests of the North Korean leadership at the moment would be harder than the IRS,” suggested Matthew Harrington.

Isn’t it wonderful that the IRS isn’t as despised as the North Korean dictatorship! I guess that’s because the North Korean government will sometimes kill you or starve you to death. The IRS, by contrast, only steals your money and occasionally gets you tossed in prison.

To show that I’m a public-spirited person, I’m going to save taxpayers $15 million by giving the IRS two good pieces of advice.

1) Obey the Constitution, which means respecting the presumption of innocence and following the Fourth Amendment’s guidelines about illegal search and seizure. I realize that complicates the job of enforcing a terrible tax code, but the Constitution exists precisely because the Founding Fathers thought some things were more important than “efficient” government.

2) Urge your overseers in the U.S. Congress to junk the internal revenue code and replace it with a simple and fair flat tax. The video below provides a simple explanation.

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One thought on “The IRS is Squandering $15 Million on Public Relations to Improve its Image

  1. The current Income Tax system has been falling apart for years!
    The fact that the code is almost 75,000 pages long is bad enough, but that number does not even take into account the thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of pages of tax publications, instruction booklets and revenue rulings nor the thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of pages of tax court cases.
    After nearly 100 years, the current Income Tax system has proven not to work.
    The problems it has are inherent within the mind numbing code itself.
    Just pick up and read any tax publication, tax court case or even the code itself.
    The whole thing is a mass of contradictions!
    Tax attorneys and CPA’s all generally disagree on what it all means and if you went to any of them for a consultation on a complicated tax matter, you would get entirely different answers.
    So to even to attempt to comply with the whole thing can cost a small fortune.
    So on top of the amount of tax you pay, there is the time and money it costs just to figure out how to comply with it all.
    So it is obvious that the code cannot be fixed by adding more and more regulations to fix the earlier regulations.
    And on top of everything else, the current Income Tax code system has evolved into a system that makes it illegal if you don’t do your bookkeeping the way the government want you to.
    This is not a system of taxation that can sustain itself much longer and will eventually collapse.

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