And now you know: Harry Reid and Senate Democrats Are Holding Up 24 ‘Jobs Bills’ Passed By the House

By Jim Campbell

Big Government’s Wynton Hall weighs in with a story that provides the fact to the infrequent whiners that leave comments blaming the Republican led Congress for not  helping Obama move his failed agenda, now you have it. Whine no more!

The despicable obstreperous recalcitrant Senate Majority Leader is sitting on 24 jobs bills submitted by the U.S. House of representatives. The best kept media secret in town is out and it’s time to give it major exposure as Gallop shows that unemployment is at 19 %.  Forget about the administration lies,  about 8.2% looking for work.  Ask yourself this, when do they tell the truth?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

With Gallup’s recent report that the U.S. underemployment rate now stands at a jaw-dropping 19 percent, Speaker John Boehner wants to know why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats have yet to take action on the 24 jobs bills passed by the Republican-led House of Representatives.

If the president really wants to get the economy moving again, maybe he’ll pick up the phone and call Senator Reid and ask Senate Democrats to get off their rear ends.

Some political analysts believe Speaker Boehner’s comments may forecast the Republican Party’s congressional election strategy.  According to Reuters, everywhere Speaker Boehner goes, he now carries in his left breast-coat pocket a four by eight card that lists the two dozen jobs bills that have passed the House but lay dormant in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  Boehner’s card, says Nathan Gonzales of the Rothenberg Political Report, may presage a broader electoral strategy:

“If they can demonstrate what they are for, they can rebut Obama’s charge that they are ‘obstructionists’ who aren’t for anything,” Gonzales said. “But we have to see to what extent Republicans are willing and able to follow this playbook.”

All 242 House Republicans have been urged by leadership to flash these cards at Washington news conferences as well as town-hall meetings and campaign events back home.

For his part, Sen. Reid has met Speaker Boehner’s jobs challenge with derision:


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5 thoughts on “And now you know: Harry Reid and Senate Democrats Are Holding Up 24 ‘Jobs Bills’ Passed By the House

  1. They’re all sitting on Reid’s desk.

  2. Perhaps someone should tell Obama, he is continuley saying it is the congresses fault. Well it seems it is Reids fault. So sick of the games and lies at some point I can’t risk my head blowing up.

  3. They’re being held up because the of way the bill is being paid for are on the backs of the poor,, medicaid,medicare, and the old. Know the facts before criticizing. This is just another trick by Republicans to make the President look bad.

  4. Not a trick every bill the congress has passed is sitting on Reids desk, he will not bring anything to the floor to be voted on. Maybe you should look a little further before blaming the Republicans. The USURPER is blaming everything on Congress. (Sharon) it wouldn’t do any good to tell him he wouldn’t listen any way,according to him the Demo nuts can’t do anything wrong.

  5. The Communists Democrats, not all, but most want control over the people so they become slaves to Federal Government and are forced to rely on them. I like to know who will be left to pay taxes? Oh I forgot they don’t need it as long as they keep the money printing press going. We will have to learn Islam and Chinese until the Islams kill them off also!!!

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