Fishing Korans Out of Pakistani Sewer

H/T MoonBattery


You got to love this one.  The Rag Heads have finally stumbled upon the only appropriate use for the Qur’an imaginable.  Let’s hear it, they are capable of independent thought.

Imagine the rioting and sniveling apologies if an infidel were to use the Koran for toilet paper. Yet Muslims in Pakistan seem to be doing just that. They must be getting tired of using their hands; how else do so many Koran pages wind up in the sewer?

Fishing Koran pages out of the sewer — now there’s a job not even Mike Rowe would take on.

On a tip from Tatersalad.

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8 thoughts on “Fishing Korans Out of Pakistani Sewer

  1. That is a good place to put the Korans in the sewer. Yeah!

  2. Ewwwww, can you imagine the diseases they are exposing themselves to doing that?!
    The books are where they belong!
    Wait a minute! Weren’t they all bent out of shape a couple of days ago when our Military burned them?
    Well, hell, that was more sanitary than using them for TP.

  3. Free society burns Korans/Qurans to make a point but Islam takes it to the maximum and burns humans. Tell us all who the barbarians are now:

    Watch the video of Pastor Terry Jones burning the filthy, dirty, hate-filled Quran at:


    Video of Muslims “burning” muslims:




    5. Burning the Quran brings Muslims to killings but when they burn a religious scriptures (Hindu) it is ok:

  4. so finally someone has found a use for this book! a couple years ago i went to a website that offered free korans to those who requested them. my intent was to burn one for youtube, i never received it, i may try getting a free one again… the book of a gutter religion belongs rightfully in a sewer!

    hope the silly old fart pulling these out of the sewer dies a slow and painful death!

  5. Thank you for the hatred you spread. All will pay for that.

  6. Well John —– You could always go help them . I’ll even buy you a one way ticket if you promise to stay there and live by their rules for 2 years . If the truth gives rise to hatred in your world , you belong with them ::::: cleaning shit off the pages of one of the most unholy publications ever brought to print . If you go I wish you well . Remember your rubber gloves and a mask or two .

    • John, them terrorist cock suckers defaced them korans, these fucking idiots will kill someone for burning a paper rag, time we even it up and nuke them a-holes, hatred is free, get in line, hope you are good at catching bullets!

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