News some can use


Commentary by Jim Campbell

Leave it to my good friend G.G. to come up with the diverse as well as the perverse.  It has often been said being a cop would be a shitty job……new meaning is added by the video below.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Wonder how many times they had to redo interviews w/officers not being able to contain laughter! 
Also can’t imagine how physically, the item was placed in it’s hiding place!!!!

So glad to know taxpayer $$$ was spent on the perp to make sure there was no “bodily injury!

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10 thoughts on “News some can use

  1. That is a very unusal story and how that man did that I do not know.

  2. Hope they gave him a ticket for no trigger lock

  3. I have NO CLUE how to respond to this!!
    Just sat here dumbfounded how anyone could do that!!!

    @ Poet, “No trigger lock?” LMAO
    “IF” I think of something clever to add, I’ll be back LOL.
    I still can’t get over anyone doing that!!

  4. You can’t help stupid!! I have a 38 —-duhh — no way. I can picture the fool shooting himself up the ass. Would have saved the State some money. No worry about having a trial. Case closed.!!!

  5. There once was a fool with a gun,
    who did what he tought may be fun.
    I think I’ll just hide,
    this weapon inside;
    alas it discharged,
    his rectum enlarged;
    now that fool with the gun is undone.

  6. Hahahahaha, Good thing he didn’t get raped in jail, can you imagine the headlines, Prisoner dies during rape, after assailant shoots off a load? Hehehehehe, Well, it would have? :)

  7. Jericho!!!! RFLMAO TIPPIMP!!!!

  8. um, i don’t think i could sit and drive a car with 10 inches of cold steel up my anus! maybe the perp is used to 10 or more inches of something in that general area. i bet he’s the “hot date” in that jail!

    • O’ Lord, shhhh, don’t tell anyone, okay? LOL.
      I used to be in the nightclub business; and needless-to-say, I was driving home late at night realllly messed up. One night, I had moved and was about 45 min. from home instead of 15 mins. so I was driving “very slowly and very carefully.”
      A cop pulled me over when I was almost home. I thought, Holy crap! I’m going to get a ticket or go to jail! He asked me, “Have you been smoking something you shouldn’t be smoking?”
      I said, “No! That’s illegal! I drank too much and I don’t wanna hit anybody.”

      He let me go.

  9. My Oops, I forgot to click on “notify”.

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