Congressman Allen West to Obama on Iran: We are running out of time

Commentary by Jim Campbell

Once again in Obama’s failure to be equipped to be president of the United States he was among the only ones in the world that didn’t seem to understand what Prime Minister Netanyahu said.  In essence, he very politely told Obama thanks but no thanks we will handle this on our own.



Perhaps Obama is enamored with his voice believing he can give the Iranian’s more time while he attempts to negotiate with them.  It’s game over dude, when you talk, you aren’t the vanished E.F. Hutton, with the slogan “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.”  Sorry dude when you talk nobody listens.  Going the route of the vanished E.F. Hutton would be a nice gesture on your behalf. Heck if you were never heard from again even your wife would appreciate that.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message                           

— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today:

“I have grave concern today that President Barack Obama and his Administration are continuing to jeopardize the safety and security of Israel, by saying one thing while doing another, when it comes to standing by the United States’ one true ally in the Middle East.

President Obama assured Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday that the United States ‘has Israel’s back,’ when it comes to defending Israel against Iran, yet the President stopped short of defining exactly what that entails. Today, the President tells Americans it ‘it is deeply in everybody’s interests — the United States, Israel and the world’s — to see if this can be resolved in a peaceful fashion.’  This President continues to talk from both sides of his mouth, and it is dangerous. Israel needs action, not more words from the President.


The facts are that Iran is not responding to increasing sanctions by either the United States or the European Union, and continues to proceed with building a nuclear arsenal. Iran is not interested inanything other than playing a stall game, a game that gives them additional time to fortify their defenses, and acquire the means to convert their knowledge into actual weapons.

We are running out of time and the President’s insistence to wait for a ‘diplomatic resolution’ with Iran, proves our Commander in Chief does not fully understand, or is simply ignoring, the imminent threat looming, and it is putting not only our friends in Israel at severe risk, but freedom and democracy as we know it. Recent history shows us that sanctions, no matter how severe, will not curtail a country’s effort to develop nuclear weapons, when its leaders are determined. North Korea, for example, has been subject to international sanctions since 2006. The regime is believed to be turning to illegal ventures, including the sale of weapons technology, to raise funding for its nuclear program.

The consequences of inaction, could lead to a nuclear arms race in the entire Middle East.

I see this Administration’s lack of commitment to stand up to Iran as a much deeper problem. This President has consistently shown a willingness to appease and apologize to radical Islamists. From writing a private letter to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khameini, to issuing knee-jerk apologies concerning the American Military Koran burning, and most recently, allowing the United States to pay $5 million of taxpayer money to bail out pro-democracy activists facing charges in Egypt.

When is President Obama going to stand up publicly against this theocratic-political, Islamic totalitarian ideology with the courage and convicton that has made the United States the greatest country the world has ever known? After spending 22 years commanding United States troops, much of it the Middle East, I can tell you these nations only respect one thing- and that is strength. President Obama has yet to intimidate Iran, as evidenced by the country’s continual game- playing and testing our demands. Until President Obama stands firm, America, Israel, and democracy as we know it will continue to be at risk.

Iran is as dangerous as Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, and the Communist Soviet Union once were, and it represents a clear and present evil in these times.”


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11 thoughts on “Congressman Allen West to Obama on Iran: We are running out of time

  1. I think West is missing something. The Obama regime is as dangerous as Hitler’s, Mussolini’s, Hirohito and Stalin.

    Why isn’t he saying this as well? Obama is a threat to the world.

  2. Obama is playing with Iran while ignoring Israel he isn’t worried about them at all and he will not back Israel when the time comes. Iran is as dangerous as the Nazis. Israel can handle the situation on their own.

  3. Maybe Obama doesnt want to help Isreal but he hasnt got the guts to say it out loud…Obama is such a wimp when he gets in the same room with Minister Netanyaho … actually he should even be in the same room with him…We know Obama has no guts and no balls…

  4. Obama does not stand by Israel at all. He proves this every day. Not wanting to commit to war – give me a break we have the military all over the place – he is just trying to buy time to get his way the spoiled little brat that he is. Israel must go it alone and that is not fair at all. Obama is so bad at his job I wish more people would see this.

  5. It is inevitable that there WILL be a war and it will NOT be limited to Iran.

  6. It’s business as usual for this POTUS. He is systematically taking our country down to third-world status while turning his back on our historically trusted allies. Israel will solve the problem without us and as long as this man is our (non) leader we are at risk in becoming an Islamic conquest. The free people of this nation will not allow this continued march to destruction. One way or another we will be respected again, but not with this administration. One might say, “how much worse can it get?” Look at history. If that doesn’t scare you into action, nothing will.

  7. He won’t stand up because he is MUSLIM! He was raised that way, and it is very obvious in his actions his allegiance is not to America, or Israel!!!

  8. Newt could seal this presidential deal if he announced Allen would be his running mate…I still have hopes that this has already been discussed between the two. Allen is being rather quiet on who he would endorse and that to me is entertaining, I mean, just the thought of the puzzling looks on their Liberal faces…

  9. Meadowhawk
    What is it he’s missing? So far as I can tell, he’s been rather to the point and lock and step as a conservative…I mean, he’s not one to give quarter and tells it just the way it is…I’m curious as to what I may have missed in Allen West? :)

  10. Obama-ass is not going to help Israel he already helping Iran and the Islams state (57) He is a Muslim and lies to the American people and I am so sick of the people that like or votes for Obama-ass—He has only one agenda Destroy and turn to the world to Islam and that’s his job to do for the Saudi King who planted him here!!!! WAKE UP IDOITS!!!

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