Diane Sawyer doing her job for Team Obama issues a completely biased one sided attack on the rise of militias in America

Guest Author Buzman  with J.C.

The below listed Link is being  provided to those of you that may have missed this on National Television last evening.

I didn’t need to hear this/watch this to know that this has been happening. Weapons sales are the Highest in history, as well they should be.

It’s rather funny that pictures like the one above are labeled as “Right-Wing-Extremist-Malitias.  It can only mean that those on the left are not willing to fight for the United States Constitution and are happy with its destruction.

People do not trust the Government of the United States.  Citizens are beginning to  see their Government going down the tube right along with their Sovereign on a daily basis.

Writing to your Officials in Washington does nothing unless you enjoy reading form letters if your concerns are answered at all.

The Political Scene isn’t a good one right now and hasn’t been since the late sixties. Should Obama gets reelected, corruption will continue but on a far greater scale. Think about it, he can’t run for reelection so he will move as much faster than before circumventing congress to finish his radical socialist agenda.

It’s pure propaganda continued by the likes of the Sawyer whose comments go unchallenged that may begin to further wake up a sleepy electorate.

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9 thoughts on “Diane Sawyer doing her job for Team Obama issues a completely biased one sided attack on the rise of militias in America

  1. Let’s hope and pray that most Americans see through Obama and boot him out of office this November. ABC News makes me sick. Their devious news story insinuating that American “right-wing militias” are motivated to commit violence against the government by their belief in the Bible is no better than the Pennsylvania atheist group who, in protest to a resolution recently passed by the Pennsylvania State Legislature in Harrisburg to make 2012 “The Year of the Bible”, put up a billboard depicting the humiliating picture of a black man in chains with the caption, “Slaves Obey Your Masters”. Then they placed their offensive message in one of Harrisburg’s most racial diverse neighborhoods. The billboard naturally sparked a great controversy.The billboard was soon vandalized, reflecting the shock and indignation of the community. The atheist group claims they were not trying to stir up racial strife, but used the caption, “Slaves Obey Your Masters” as a wake up call to the residents of Pennsylvania to get on the phone to their legislators and protest the Year of the Bible resolution. Furthermore, the leader of this group, Ernest Perce V, claims they chose this particular caption because it is in the Bible and so that proves that the Bible condoned slavery.

    First of all, how does one equate the humiliating picture of a black man in chains with a call to action to throw out a resolution making 2012 the Year of the Bible in Pennsylvania?

    But more importantly, does the Bible actually say this?

    The correct translation of this verse, found in Colossians 3: 22, is
    “Servants, obey in everything those who are your earthly masters, not
    only when their eyes are on you as pleasers of men, but in simplicity
    of purpose, with all your heart, because of your reverence for the
    Lord and as a sincere expression of your devotion to Him.”

    In other words, servants honor the Lord through your work.

    Colossians 3: 23 further advises, “Whatever may be your task, work at it
    heartily, from the soul, as something done for the Lord and not for

    While slavery was a common practice in the Bible times, especially as
    one of the spoils of war, it was widely practiced throughout the
    ancient world. The Egyptians took slaves, as did the Babylonians, and
    the Persians. The Ottoman Sultans enslaved thousands of young women
    inside their palace harems, while the huge Arab slave markets of North
    Africa flourished for years, providing slaves for the New World
    colonies. However, as the Bible is primarily the history of one
    people, the Jewish people, when the Israelites took slaves, these
    people were considered servants, who performed certain tasks in the
    household, like making pottery or clothing, or they tended the garden
    or grape arbors, or worked in the fields harvesting the crops. They
    were almost treated like a member of the family. Furthermore, after
    several years of service, the slave of an Israelite could be set free
    from his bondage.

    By taking Colossians 3:22 out of context and pairing it with the
    picture of a black man in chains makes this ignorant, race-baiting
    atheist group no better than the ignorant and cruel slave holders in
    the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries in America who took the bible out
    of context to justify their enslavement of their fellow human beings, or, the witch-hunting Puritans in Salem who took biblical scriptures out of context to unjustly accuse and persecute people of practicing witchcraft, or, the hypocritical elites of the Left-dominated social media with their antagonistic reports insisting that “radical, Right-wing militias” take their marching orders from holy scripture.

    The disgusting actions of ABC News is just one more sick and
    pathetic attempt to eradicate the deep roots of the Christian faith in
    America. What these useful idiots in the liberal media fail to realize is that without God’s blessing, this nation would have never come into existence. Many of our founding fathers felt this way. Benjamin Franklin, addressing the delegates gathered to form our nation in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787, said it best:
    “I have lived a long time, and the longer I live, the more proof I see of this truth. God governs the affairs of men. If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, can an empire rise without His aid? Without God’s help, we will do no better than those who built the Tower of Babel. We will end up divided by our own selfishness, and our work will come to nothing.”

  2. ABC is one of the worst networks out there, run by Disney, they are required to follow the line and make it all better. Abide by the presidents mandates and a– kissing no matter what. So I would think Sawyer had to do this show. I don’t watch and millions don’t and won’t because of all the lies. One thing I beleive is America is waking up to the lies and bias of the alphabet networks. So this is just a scare tactic to make the liberals aware of the gun toting true patriots of America. Bring it – we don’t give up.

  3. But, what is this liberal fascist whore saying about the Islamic Terrorist Training Camps, the Black Panther and Black Muslim terrorist groups who are organizing all over this country as well as the street thugs and tens of millions of illegal invaders who come from central and South America who used to belong to Communist cells in ther respective countries? It is time to tell Diane Sawyer and other BS Liberal Cheerleaders to go to hell, but better yet, just turn the bastards off when they appear on your TV screen.

  4. We absolutely must get Obama out of office in November, or our country will go down the tubes. We need a strong candidate like Newt Gingrich to go up against Obama to win. I am afraid we might get one of the weaker candidates like Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney, they can not possibly win debates against Obama. They do not speak well enough and explain things well enough, we need Newt Gingrich.

  5. To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America was taken as an oath by every member of every branch of the Military. Oaths don’ evaporate with time or become unoathed by decree by a tin horn dictator, or even an opinion handed down by our not-so-Supreme Court.
    Corruption, collusion,and sedition have slithered into the House, Senate and White House over the years while seemingly Good men did nothing…what a disgrace.
    We are headed for a show down at the Washington DC Corral one of these days soon…lock and load your vote.

  6. People are getting afraid of the power of the government and how it wields that power at will.We have the right to bear arms, the right to protect our property, the right to dissent, and the right to show dissent through peaceful means as long as possible. Not owning a drivers license is not violent. Not paying taxes is not violent. If Obama does not have to adhere to our constitution and feels it absolutely acceptable to institute new laws and changes without protocol, then WE have the right to resist such impudence. Never before have I seen such a gathering of like minded souls that want to save our country from destruction by the greedy socialists and ass kissers that are in charge
    . When rebel patriots broke away from Englands control, blood was shed, people died and a message was sent loud and clear..We want our own dominion, we want to have control of our own world as a people united in democracy. We are sending the same message now, but it says we are taking back what has already been fought for and won.Diane Sawyer is a newsperson…period! This is news that many are uniting to recapture our America, and if she does not like the way it is going on,,too bad. There are radicals in every movement and group and it is unfair to showcase them and not depict the Americans that are fearful of the status of our economy, the persecution of Christians, the insertion of socialist ideas within our government, the absurdity of political correctness, and the attempted removal of personal and civil rights by our president and his muslim cohorts. Why is it Ms. Sawyer can see citizens as lawbreakers when they do not comply with regulations and laws that are in force and have been rather effective, but can not see Mr. Obama as a lawbreaker when he is unable to prove who he is, or bypasses congress or demeans our country almost on a daily basis. He is knocking on the door of treason with his mandates and personal dreams of power for him and his Islamic nations and that, I guess is alright with her.

  7. Diane Sawyer of ABC, All Bull Crap, is alarmed of the rise of militias in this country since 2008 who want to “take down” this Government even with violence and question why. The story focuses on a group called the Sovereign Citizens Movement. Could it be that Barack Hussein Obama said he wants to transform America into a Socialist state? I wonder if she knows of the Weather Underground of the sixties, led by the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, mentor to Obama, who wanted to overthrow the U.S. and convert it to a Socialist utopia, who advocated the killing of 25 million Americans who would resist the takeover.
    In the story a woman asks the reporter Dan Harris to Google United States concentration camps and the reporter condescendingly replies, “You can Google the Easter bunny and that will come up to.” Here is one for the reporter, Google Japanese American internment camps.
    “What sets sovereigns apart from militias is for the most part they are not using guns, but instead using legal theories based on obscure laws, the Constitution and the Bible to justify flouting the law to avoid paying taxes.” Is that not a contradiction? They are using the law to flout the law? How dare they use the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

  8. Take the Obama Test!

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