Is it conceivably possible that Bill O’Reilly can be so completely ignorant?


Commentary by Jim Campbell

After viewing the video, there can be but on observation, Bill O’Reilly is a recalcitrant reprobate and can no longer be taken seriously. 

This guy is too much.

O’Reilly is nothing more that a bloviating wind bag.

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14 thoughts on “Is it conceivably possible that Bill O’Reilly can be so completely ignorant?

  1. O’Reilly is in fact, a bloviating fool who thinks himself intellectual and funny. I have totally turned FAUX News off, except to peek in once in a while just to see what inane nonsense they are promoting. And, of course they are the Mouthpiece for the Establishment Political Parties, with an Establishment Republican bias, in some cases, but also employ many radical leftists to tell the radical democrat side, while telling us which Republican candidates can win and which cannot. They love to talk about Fair and Balanced, I call them Propagandists and Bogus and Gutless, if they dare call themselves the Voice for Conservatives in this country. Our Media in this country is but a Staged and Rehearsed and Scripted Dog and Pony Show in which FAUX News agrees to be the Whipping Boy for Obama and the Democrats in general, while the establishment Republican Politicians try and tell us that FAUX News is our mouthpiece and that they are conservatie. It is a Dog and Pony Show, just like all the Democrat Versus Republican squabbling in the congress of the USA. It is all for Public Consumption in order to make us believe that our votes count. It is no more serious than TV Wrestling. But, sadly tens of millions of Americans also believe that TV Wrestling is real.

  2. Sadly, Jerome is 100% correct. O’Reilly still believes in global warming for Pete’s sake!

  3. I get more frustrated with Fox every day. Sean Hannity has been very outspoken about Ozero’s radical connections, but even he will not consider the possibility and probability that O is not legally eligible. The evidence is overwhelming, just the fact that Barry’s father was never a citizen is enough to disqualify him. I’m disgusted with all of them. I believe that they are keeping their mouths shut on the issue in order to keep the door open for Rubio and Jindal to be candidates later on. Neither one of them is a NBC either.

  4. Not only is it ‘conceivable that O’Reilly is completely ignorant’ – it is the truth! The final straw that made me leave watching FOX news was when O’Reilly sided with O’Donnell about Lesbians adopted children. And that was a few years ago.

  5. Folks, let us acknowledge that politically we live inside The Matrix. This is a universe of very well orchestrated lies with a cast of thousands. It will take nothing less that the hyper-dramatic to shake this system.

  6. Absolutely right! I used to like O’Reilly but he has joined the cabal dark side too. His cover up of the true election results regarding Ron Paul and his mockery of his has earned him my disdain and disrespect as a “fair and balanced” newsman he claims to be.

  7. He is no longer fair or balanced. He is smart in that he never takes a side on anything. this could also be shown as stupid. He says he is just reporting, well explain the last few weeks of brow beating everyone trying for answers on the gas prices. He has lost this viewer I will watch Fox business instead.

  8. Thanks JC, fun read…
    The one and only time that I viewed Bill favorably, was when I was so absolutely and thoroughly blessed at his unforgivable attack against the none other, Bloviating champion, Geraldo Rivera on the immigrant issue back in 2010. Man was that a sweet treat? It was also the last I saw of him/them, since canceling out Fox, who was on my Suffer Me Not List :) But, it’s the way of things, and as we all know, all bad things must come to an end, or, turned off :)

    • Bill O’Reilley is but yet another narcissistic and gutless fence straddler who never takes a stand that will cause his bosses to fire his sorry ass, while just saying, I am fair and balanced.

  9. Won’t be watching Fox anymore. He highly under estimates Obama’s character as a total fraud.

    I am very disappointed — I am appalled.

  10. I often watch in amazined wonder at what passes for news here in America. They take the most nonsensicle trivia and blast out in our faces as if it’s the most important bit of information in the universe and there is very of it that has any real bearing on my life. I’ve gotten tired of sports and sex scandles and the latest Hollywood bullshit that continually blasts me out of my quiet place at seven o’clock in the moring. I wouldn’t mind if there was anything that was relevant to me but for every tease they put up I have to wait through nearly an hour of endless and inane advertisnments to get about five minutes of useful information.

    • I stopped bothering with the news. It ISN’T news because it is so watered down and skips over the REAL news.
      The real news is on the internet; and that is the very reason Obama wants to control the internet.

      • What is now passed off as news is nothing but propaganda, lies, innuendoes and gossip. The only thing that might come on TV is useful, factual or helpful is likely on the Weather Channel, and sometimes, I am not too sure about that either.

  11. O’Reilly lost me when he kept saying “Obama is a nice guy.” He is NOT a nice guy. He an amoral socialistic hatemonger who will do anything to reduce america to a 3rd world country.

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