Finally, The Truth About ObamaCare Comes Out

The Western Center for Journalism
Commentary by Jim Campbell
Yep the chickens finally came home to roost as the astute Reverend Wrong likes to stay.  Head of the congressional budget committee, Paul Ryan (R-WI) told Obama so  the laughable, go ahead and talk we aren’t going to listen, this is just another photo-op for your leader. Took place.
Now we find to what may be a great outcome, and I know this will shock some of my readers, but Obama lied.  Now the CBO is estimating twice the price tag.  Want to cripple the U.S. economy until we are no longer and Constitutionally driven Republic. the ObamaCare will do the job perfectly.  It’s time to stick a fork in this one, no matter how the Supreme court rules, judges can and have been impeached.  Ripe for the picking are Kagan and Sotomayor. 
a perjured herself during her Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation Hearings. As Solicitor General, she “misrepresented” (lied) the position, according to former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop The American College of Ob/Gyn on late-term abortion keeping in line with Obama’s vision of murdering baby’s that are victims of partial birth abortion.  Recuse her no, wake up people and Impeach her.  
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Photo Credit: Dees Illustrations by David Dees

What was abundantly clear about Obamacare’s real costs, to those of us who formed the TEA party movement to fight it, has now been certified by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

The lies and smug grins from the Democrats who forced Obamacare down our throats would be wiped away if we had an honest media – which of course we do not.  (See the numbers below)

The CBO is saying that the cost of Obamacare will be nearly double the fairy-tale lying Democrats told us it would be two years ago.

Coming on the heels of its recent report contradicting Obama’s lies about the unemployment numbers (when Obama was lying that unemployment was 8.3%, CBO reported it is 15%), this new burst of honesty from any government agency under Obama is indeed refreshing.

The CBO now projects the Democrats’ Frankenstein monster will cost $1.76 TRILLION of our tax dollars over the next ten years (and do you REALLY believe that?) instead of the $940 BILLION DOLLARS that liars like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi told us it would cost.

Showing us the truth behind the Democrat curtain, the CBO projects that the weak economy inflicted on us by Obama (and doesn’t he continually tell us how great the economy is?) will force millions of more people into the Democrats’ government clutches.

To insure they would still have jobs, the people at the CBO helped Obama spray some perfume on this steaming pile of dung by including their own lie about new revenue from increased taxes and penalties being able to offset any cost over runs.

This begs the question: where does new revenue come from when our national jobs pool keeps shrinking?

The report also tells us that by 2022, three million fewer people will have private employer provided health insurance and a startling 17 million more will be on the Medicaid AND 22 million more will be forced onto sub-standard government health insurance plans.

Lies like this deserve coverage, but we will get none from the lowlifes in the media –any questions?

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11 thoughts on “Finally, The Truth About ObamaCare Comes Out

  1. When he knew Kagan in Chicago, they worked on the arguments about Obamacare then.
    He has the Supreme Court stacked against America.

  2. Very true upaces88 the reason the next President must repeal it and Romney will not. Newt will on day one. Doubling the cost this is insane and this entire deathcare is really bad and we all know it.

  3. Oooo, Sharon, there is so much more than that.
    She helped him write all of these issues:
    1) Muslims get healthcare free;
    2) Dissolution of State’s Rights;

  4. I would like JC to CONFIRM absolutely the “rumor” that there is a specific provision in obomacare that EXCLUDES Muslims from the MANDATORY aspects of joining, which would trigger a Penalty. They can chose because of Sharia Law to opt out. TRUE OR FALSE…before I jump on it big time.
    Anybody…JC…a scholar…I want to know FOR SURE.

    • Health Care Bill Establishes Dhimmitude, Which Exempts Moslem Participation by Granting Them Jurisdiction in the U.S.-Fiction!

      This is a forwarded warning that HR-3590 or “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’’ establishes Dhimmitude or a status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule and Shri’ah in the United States. The eRumor says this is because Islam forbids followers from purchasing insurance.

  5. It is closer for Obama to fall in the hole he is digging..He will have a hole full of idiots with him…

  6. i’m just wondering if it will cover obama when he trips over his lying tongue and cracks his rock hard skull on the pavement…

  7. We could only wish, Mr. Bad Example.


  9. “Mr Bad Example” has a good point, tho I don’t think it will likely happen! Pretty sure that Narcissists’ skulls are impossible to crack!! I’m furious and Detest all that comes out of the mouth of our LIar in Chief…mostly because of those that believe him!! So, so many people have been wrongly educated…all part of their “plan”.

  10. Newt is a cooperate tool…hopeing for a real voice of the people, support ron paul

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