When you are being told something is bad that factually is good you have been brainwashed

Guest Author, Poet

Commentary by Jim Campbell

Eric Holder in 1995: we need to “brainwash” people into thinking differently about guns.  (Just one more reason Holder should be removed from his position. He’s not an impartial person he like the entire clueless administration has an agenda.  You want our guns?  “See if you can take um.”

It was about a year ago that I took a friend of mine to a Gun Show here in California, as it turned out this was his first show.

As we arrived I could tell by his discomfort that he was scared to death that this was something that according to everything that he had heard was a MAJOR ILLEGAL activity.

I mean seriously, all these people walking around with GUNS and the Cops were right there doing nothing.

Really with all the Headlines of all these people being shot every day this event must be an Assassins Sub Culture.

As we walked through the show my friend started to loosen up and then started to get excited and I could hear the Gears Whirring around in his head and then that little Bell rang “These Were the Good Guys” WITH GUNS!  . The further we went and the more people he talked with the Realization that Our Country still had a chance.

He had a thousand questions. The most of which were of Gun Laws and the common answer was “You Have been Believing the Bull Shit” I have yet to hear the Media in any way shape way or from Report or Display any thing to do with Guns.

How many times have you heard or read a report of an “Automatic ” handgun or rifle? Just about every day, right. The Facts are and some states vary but the common ground is it takes a Very Special FFL license to own or possess an “AUTOMATIC” (Machine Gun).

How many times have you seen Photo’s of Rocket Launchers (RPG) DISPLAYED in stories of Guns sold in Arizona or Texas? Yet your lead to believe that their ready and available for sale at any Gun Shop. There not, they’re Illegal.

Have you been lied to? YES. Have you been conditioned (Drank Kool-Aid)? Yep.

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One thought on “When you are being told something is bad that factually is good you have been brainwashed

  1. They can try brainwashing only the weak will fall for that. Lies don’t work,. so this is the next best option. Liberals are running out of tricks. That would explain the martial law in peacetime bill or pack. Maybe we are making headway finally and people are seeing the real truth.

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