Cowardly Congress Won’t Investigate Manchurian Candidate Obama

Western Journalism Center

Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch USA, filed a lawsuit in Broward Country Florida on behalf of Democrat Michael Voeltz, on March 20, citing suspicions that Obama might not have been born in the U.S. and the fact that his father never was a U.S. citizen.”

Florida is unique because the state “has a policy of not printing presidential candidates’ names on the general election ballot if the candidate does not meet the constitutional qualifications.”

Cantor Boehner Republican Congress SC Cowardly Congress Won’t Investigate Manchurian Candidate Obama

The Klayman lawsuit, according to World Net Daily, contends that “the requirement for natural-born citizenship, which is found in the U.S. Constitution, was intended to prevent foreign influences from influencing an American President.”  As Klayman filed his lawsuit in an attempt to keep Obama off of the Florida presidential election ballot, he expressed concerns that sympathizing with and taking actions that benefit foreign interests, and not interests of the United States and her citizens, have been “WITNESSED by the American people during President Obama’s term in office!”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio feels the media are covering up the results of his investigation in spite of the fact that the man who has charge of America’s nuclear arsenal cannot even get his social security number to pass an E-verify check! “The laws and courts are a sham…this is worse than anarchy,” says another attorney challenging Obama’s NBC status, Van Irion of Liberty Legal Foundation.

The  pitiful display in Georgia courts only was made worse when word came out that two days after Judge Michael Malihi decided on behalf of Obama and his attorney, neither of whom even bothered to show up to a court ordered appearance, the state received an $8.5 billion guaranteed loan to build a nuclear plant with a two year history of design challenges.

America is in serious trouble, perhaps the worst since it fought its own Revolution.

When Congress is refusing to hold hearings into this grave matter and the U.S. judicial system is just tossing this political hot potato around the country’s courtrooms using one technicality after another as a dodge, the questions must be asked: “What will happen to America? Will she survive under our Constitution?  Will we survive?  Will our children, our grandchildren?”  And where are those foreign interests driving this Constitutional crisis?

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:


6 thoughts on “Cowardly Congress Won’t Investigate Manchurian Candidate Obama

  1. That’s a shame.

  2. I have been writing my 3 so called conservative Republican non representatives about this since early in 2008. They have responded with form letters, Not only that but they send the same form letters every time no matter what I write regarding this issue, and those form letters are nothing more than regurgitation of Obama’s suggested responses to “birthers.”

    The esteemed conservative Republican Senator Jeff Sessions sent the same letter no less than 5 times telling me that he believed Obama met the requirements for the office as “set forth by the State Department.” After that letter was sent to WND and published Mr. Sessions changed “State Department” to “the Constitution.”

    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

  3. They are all, Democrat and Republican alike, ignoring the Constitution. On the Republicans’ part, I believe it is an effort to keep the door open for a possible future presidential run by Marco Rubio and/or Bobby Jindal. Both are great conservatives and would make great president/vice presidential candidates except for the fact that neither one had parents who were citizens at the time of their sons’ births. If they just keep quiet about Ozero’s lack of qualification, maybe they can slip in Rubio and Jindal. Sorry, it’s against the Constitution!

  4. I do not understand the courts. If they have liberal judges I can understand why they would throw out the case. But surely there are courts that have conservative judges that would take the case about Obama’s eligibility.

    • The immediate response of the Obama campaign and everyone on the left when this first became a public issue was to marginalize and ridicule anyone who brought the issue up. I believe that the media was threatened from very high levels in our government, and I believe every breathing human who was in Congress in 2008 is an idiot and a traitor to the Constitution. They are covering their own a**es now, but the pressure I have applied on my 3 stooges in congress is only increasing. I have already written them twice this week via email, and I am not going to let up even though they have given no indication that they are going to do anything. If everyone would flood their non representatives with angry letters demanding they uphold their oaths of office it might get their attention now. People are too content to just sit back and let the corrupt take care of the corrupt. We need to demand that our corrupt stooges in Congress un-fricking corrupt themselves and do the work we elected them to do which is to represent us, and defend and protect the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

      God bless the Constitutional Republic of America!

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