Can the vision of our Founding Fathers be restored?

Commentary by Jim Campbell

In theory, Republicans want a smaller government, one that leaves more decisions to the people with less intrusion into their lives. Unfortunately once elected many old guard Republican members of Congress fall victim to their own lust for power and perks.  They begin acting like democrats advocating programs that pander to their constituents in exchange for their future votes.

Come November it’s our turn to eat Obama’s lunch

With the 2010 elections Americans sent a clear message, enough of the old ‘leadership.’  Thus, a new breed of fiscal conservative was brought to Washington to help begin restoring America’s future.

They have been constantly thwarted by the recalcitrant Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid who will not let republican legislation, even bipartisan legislation be voted on in the Senate.

Harry Reid is an anachronism and still a true believer that raising taxes and continued spending is the answer.  Thus, largely do to progressive programs in the name of so-called “Social Justice,” America’s economic future has been sold with the likes of China propping up the continued charade

Apparently, he is no student of history as he might have learned that no country in the history of the world has taxed itself into prosperity.

It’s time for the Obama’s, Reid’s, Pelosi’s, and the entire progressive movement to be soundly defeated in the November elections.




The Heritage Foundation

While Washington’s eyes are focused on the historic Obamacare hearings at the Supreme Court, work continues across the street in the House of Representatives where some Members of Congress — though not all — are doing their best to clean up Washington’s budgetary mess.

It has now been 1,064 days since the U.S. Senate passed a budget, the national debt is nearing $16 trillion, and the deficit is at $3 trillion. In the face of this mess, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) yesterday unveiled its plan to balance the budget in five years, and it does so with entitlement reforms, sharp and aggressive spending cuts, avoiding tax hikes, including pro-growth tax reform, and providing for a strong national defense.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), RSC Chairman, and Rep Scott Garrett (R-NJ), also of the committee, issued a statement saying that their plan is a clear, practical way to cut spending and balance the budget — and that leadership is needed in Washington’s budgetless vacuum:

Our country’s spiraling debt crisis has reached a tipping point. We need a plan that makes the hard decisions now, not later, to solve our spiraling debt crisis. In the absence of President Obama coming forward to lead our country on the most pressing issue of our time, the RSC stepped up to the plate today by putting forward a bold solution to balance the budget in five years.

The RSC’s budget proposal follows the one issued by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), which cuts spending in budget year 2013 and into the future, includes market-based reforms to health entitlements, and features a solid, growth-oriented tax plan. Contrast those plans with President Obama’s FY 2013 budget, which delivers a fourth consecutive annual deficit exceeding $1 trillion with spending that rises from $3.8 trillion to $5.8 trillion in 2022.

Or just pause for a moment to consider the Senate’s non-efforts. Though it would take Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) only 51 votes to pass a budget resolution, he is instead opting for inaction. As The Wall Street Journal‘s Stephen Moore writes, “The reality is that Mr. Reid has made a calculation that Democrats are better off with no budget at all. This allows them to attack Mr. Ryan’s cuts to programs like Medicare without Democrats having to show their own hand.”

The RSC’s plan isn’t perfect — Heritage’s Patrick Knudsen says it “falls short in substantiating many of its significant spending cuts with adequate policy detail.” Those details are necessary because budgets should be policy driven, not numbers driven. But Knudsen explains that it is, nevertheless, an “ambitious effort aimed at solving the twin crises of spending and debt.” Among the plan’s features, it contains $3.4 trillion in entitlement savings, repeals Obamacare, includes a solid (though very basic) step for Social Security by gradually raising the retirement age, and adopts Ryan’s plan to boldly transform Medicare into a premium support program. Knudsen concludes, “Notwithstanding its limitations, the aims and convictions behind this plan should not be ignored.”

Among some quarters, aims and convictions are lacking on Capitol Hill, and leadership on the left is taking a pass on doing anything to get spending under control. And while everyone pays a price for higher debt, including slower economic growth, higher taxes and a lack of entrepreneurial independence, there is one group of Americans much worse off than the rest. America’s Debt-Paying Generation — those who are under 30 — will struggle throughout their lives to pay down the debt we’re racking up today.

Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan offers a fiscal blueprint that all budget proposals should follow — change and simplify the tax code, cut bureaucratic and regulatory spending, and begin reforming Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid so that those who need it most can count on them. It’s a good sign that conservative voices in Washington are offering ideas to help avert America’s fiscal disaster. Now it’s time for Congress to act on them.

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3 thoughts on “Can the vision of our Founding Fathers be restored?

  1. The total hypocrisy of the Progressive Leftist Socialist mind set.

    Today in the SOTUS, the old prune, Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated and I freekin quote the old shrew of a justice???:

    “People who don’t participate in this market are making it much more
    expensive for the people who do; that is, they will get, a good number of
    them will get services that they can’t afford at the point where they need
    them, and the result is that everybody else’s premiums get raised? It’s
    not your free choice just to do something for yourself. What you do is
    going to affect others, affect them in a major way.”

    Oh! Is that right?

    This is Obama’s exact and very booring dulled point he is always making as he reads the scripted Manifesto from his teleprompter. Making the working industrious haves pay for the lazy, entitlement society of have not’s the democrats have invented; by paying, their ‘fair share”. Well isn’t it?
    Well Mz Ginsburg and Barry whatever your real name is, This ain’t Burger King and YOU ain’t gonna have it your way, which ever line of malarkey you espouse.

  2. You would think enough people have seen the leftist, marxist, plans to deny them and vote them out. I say the push should begin now to oust the entire congress and senate. The proof is there and you can’t deny that. We are sick and tired of the elite of government telling us what to do. We the people are the voice of this nation they are the representatives. The power is out of control.

  3. I think the Republicans will win in a landslide election, not matter who is the Republican nominee. I think with Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachman and if Newt Gingrich can get the nomination at the RNC Convention, then we can restore the country as our forefathers wanted it to be.

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