Obama simplifies campaign donation fraud

Don Fredrick colony14
Comments by Jim Campbell
By now it should come to no surprise to any one that doesn’t have their head where Obama stores his that any and all attempts to steal the election are on the table. 
More insidious is friends of Obama and enemies of the USA will be sending monies in this manner to help keep this fraud on his putting green at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 
At AtlasShrugs.com Pamela Geller writes, “Back in 2008, I broke numerous campaign stories on the millions of dollars in illegal contributions that Obama received. It was meticulously documented in my book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America. Also, check out my article in The American Thinker, ‘Obama’s Foreign Donors: The media averts its eyes.’ It was feckless, reckless and lawless.
Worse, Obama got away with it. All of it. Atlas broke the story of tens of thousands of dollars coming in from Hamas-controlled Gaza, millions coming in from Muslim countries, and imaginary Obama contributors: ‘Good Will,’ ‘Loving you,’ ‘Doo da DooDa’ and gibberish donors… Credit card fraud was rampant, with John Galt, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and Bill Ayers all making contributions.”

“A number of Atlas readers and FB friends have advised me that the credit card fraud is in full swing again. Adrian Murray went to barackobama.com and donated $3 using the name Adolph Hitler, 123 Nuremberg Way, Berlin, Germany, and for good measure put in Dictator of Nazi Party as employer.

Got an email back saying Dear Adolph, Thank you for your generous donation… Because the Obama campaign does not require the CVV 3-digit security code for credit card charges, anyone can donate to Obama’s campaign from anywhere. The media, in its continuing act of perfidy and criminally corrupt silence, says nothing, does nothing and refuses to report on these blatant election fraud abuses. And it’s happening again. Now.”

The Address Verification System—when used—requires the address provided by the online credit card user to match the address on the card issuer’s records. By intentionally disabling that system for its online campaign contributions, the Obama campaign is able to collect illegal donations from foreign locations. A Hamas terrorist in Gaza, for example, can make a donation with his credit and list a fictitious name and address and Obama will happily accept it—assuming that the Federal Election Commission will ignore the lawbreaking, as it did in 2008. (The illegal foreign contributions should be obvious to the FEC because they typically are in odd amounts, as a result of currency exchange rates. If, for example, a French socialist donates 50 euros to the Obama campaign it will obviously not appear as $50; it will appear in the computer files as $66.61—or a bit more or less, depending on the euro-to-dollars exchange rate. Of course, if the FEC does not bother to investigate the fraud, Obama will get away with it in 2012—as he did in 2008.)

Note that in 2008 the Obama campaign also accepted donations via pre-paid credit cards, which are impossible to trace. It is assumed the 2012 campaign will allow the same fraud. Note also that the Republican campaign donation sites use the Address Verification System and require entry of the CVV security code.

HotAir.com: “When asked whether the campaign takes steps to verify whether a donor’s name matches the name on the credit card used to make a payment, Obama’s campaign replied in an e-mail: “Name-matching is not a standard check conducted or made available in the credit card processing industry. We believe Visa and MasterCard do not even have the ability to do this…” (THAT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE, as anyone who shops online knows.)

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2 thoughts on “Obama simplifies campaign donation fraud

  1. Since Obama beleives the American people to be substandard he will use whatever practice needed to get money. This info needs to go viral to the left so they are aware they are being ripped off yet again.

  2. well they arent going to list to us peons. When well known ppl stand up and tell about Obama they wont listen to us..MY own family wont listen to me lol… they think hes still great..

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