Breaking: Michelle Obama signs with the Harlem GlobeTrotters

By Jim Campbell

Washington – As her hubby tried another attempt to have his face portrayed on virtually any inanimate object, this time a basketball, that story received all the hype by the traditional media.

Uncovered here is the untold story. Already a globe-trotter at the taxpayer’s expense, she now plans to double dip earning money while playing for Harlem’s finest.  It is unlikely that she will see much playing time, as her eating disorder precludes the probability of losing her girth and her oversized derrière.                   ( I wanted to say fat butt, but thought it inappropriate.)

The White House used basketballs emblazoned with President Obama’s image Monday at a basketball clinic  put on by a former member of the Harlem Globe Trotters. 

Shaking hands with former basketball great, Meadow Lark Lemon of the Harlem GlobeTrotters

You can own one of these special edition basketballs by calling the White House Toll Free hotline at: 1-866-220-0044. But wait, there’s more.  If you are among the first 5,000 callers you will receive an additional ObeyBall for $19.95 by using the special PROMO CODE: HIS ASS IS GONE.  Shipping and handling not included.

Unnamed sources within the administration suggest that this item will be flying off the shelves faster than Michele can jet to Hawaii; as it makes the perfect gift for those desiring to pound Obama’s face into to the ground 500-to 1000 time per day as they improve their dribbling skills.

First Lady Michelle Obama, center, embraces members of the Johnson C. Smith ladies’ basketball team where she once played power forward.

The balls portray Mr. Obama’s likeness, on one side in the design, on the other is the is the Kenyan Flag with the inscription in Arabic,  أنا مسلم ولد في كينيا, English translation, ” I’m a Muslim born in Kenya.”  Obama took turns with former pro basketball players shooting hoops on a court set up on the South Lawn. Media photographers caught is usual two baskets in over a hundred attempts, that footage ended up on the editors cutting room floor.

More than 30,000 kids and parents were expected to attend the day-long event. Interestingly only 244 attended the festivities, because they could not afford the (donation) $10,000 admission fee.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. (Parody Unlimited: L.L.C.)

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3 thoughts on “Breaking: Michelle Obama signs with the Harlem GlobeTrotters

  1. That’s hysterical, yet almost believable!!

  2. These people are truly nuts! They are playing up this campaign with everything us taxpayers have got…but it wont be ours for long if big butt and little brown ass dont get gone.

  3. she reminds me of Chewbacca the Wookie. ARRGGHHH!

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