Blunt: John Stossel on Why He left Liberal ABC News: ‘It Sucked There’

The Media Research Center

Comment by Jim Campbell
John Stossel cracks me up, he doesn’t just state the obvious, he back it with actual demonstrations and facts. His new book, “Government Can Solve Problems” is a case in point.  He shows that the term, “Ineptocracy is not one that can be foisted upon the Obama administration but fits both parties far better than O.J. glove.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.
Journalist John Stossel left the liberal confines of ABC News “because it sucked there.”  The libertarian reporter talked to the Heritage Foundation’s Rob Bluey in an interview posted Thursday and exposed the liberal culture at his former network: “They were hostile to these ideas that have made us prosperous and I consider so important.”

He added that ABC “tolerated” him and his good ratings, “But by the end, they were sort of saying, ‘Oh, you’re predictable, Stossel. All you want to do is libertarian economics all the time. I don’t want to watch that.'”

He joked that ABC preferred to do stories on how “[Michael Jackson’s] still dead.”

Stossel admitted that he was “not offered a job by Fox.” He added, “I went over and begged, ‘Please hire me. I can’t stand it anymore.'”

On Barack Obama and his liberalism, Stossel derided, “It was like he’s a magic politician who is going to do these things. And the promise is all people pay attention to.”

A partial transcript of the interview can be found below. The full interview can be found here(see tidbits below)

Heritage: In the Green Room
Posted: 4/12/12

ROB BLUEY: You’ve become a very popular person on the Fox network, both in terms of your show and segments you do with Bill O’Reilly. Why did you leave ABC though?

JOHN STOSSEL: Because it sucked there. They were hostile to these ideas that have made us prosperous and I consider so important. I mean, they tolerated me for years. I got good ratings, so they put the stuff on. They sort of held their nose and put it on. But, by the end, they were sort of saying, “Oh, you’re predictable, Stossel. All you want to do is libertarian economics all the time. I don’t want to watch that. You already did that.

I did a piece called Stupid in America, which got good ratings about school choice. Five years later, there was a real school choice movement. I said, “Let’s do a follow-up.” “Eh, we’re not- Michael Jackson died and we want to interview his sister and his mother and we have to do a show on he’s still dead.” I was not offered a job by Fox. I went over and begged, “Please hire me. I can’t stand it anymore.”

STOSSEL: [on the Obama administration] They promise this stuff. Elect Obama and “Yes we can! We can cure poverty and stop the oceans from rising!” as he said in one speech. And our instinct, I think, is to believe in the central planners. I mean, it was nuts at the Obama election. It was like he’s a magic politician who is going to do these things. And the promise is all people pay attention to. People have lives. And the failures, which are again and again, everything, you really have to pay attention to notice.

— Scott Whitlock is the senior news analyst for the Media Research Center. Click here to follow him on Twitter.

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12 thoughts on “Blunt: John Stossel on Why He left Liberal ABC News: ‘It Sucked There’

  1. The people who control Obama dont want someone that they cannot control- Obama preaches to the poor that the DEMOCRATS are for the poor & the REPUBLICANS are for the rich- but Obama is owned body & soul by the super rich power mongers who control every move he makes- They have hidden his past (criminal) history at great expense and hold it as a ransom and he is their puppet- that is why GAS prices go up after the USA produced more oil than anytime in history & new technology to get the 3 trillion barrels of OIL shale in Colorado alone- Obama is a FRAUD who has deceived America-

  2. Obama was the plant to bring down America! Lots of American people all fell for his lies…too much kool-aid I’m afraid….all that Aspartame just rots brain cells.

  3. all 535 members of congress are in on this, they all deny any “anti-obama” claims, we’re screwed!

  4. When journalism is based on ignoring and subverting facts, sound bites used out of context, and an over all hostile POV and out right lies, that’s taking journalism into the realm of propaganda that Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of. Then Diane Sawyer engaged in Stockholm Syndrome as a tactic that even the CIA should study. Closely followed by GMA, “Good Morning America” turned into “Gay Morning Amerika” Pee Wee Herman should anchor GMA, at least it would be funny.
    A disease has crept into the media, our politicians and into our homes designed to disable the moral fiber and the will of the people of the United States. One that is so vile and contemptuous, thru mass brainwashing, we hand the keys to the Manchurian Candidate and his handlers? The people that are in league with and secretly control the Media and Washington should be hunted down, exposed and deemed hostile and traitors of the United States, and held accountable for high crimes under the harshest form of justice, for they are far more dangerous that any Muslim terrorist.

  5. With a lot of hard work we can and will and have to get Obama out or we will be gone…He doenst cae about anyone and so the women have to realize that and get a way from him…

  6. Franklin Marshall Davis was a mentor to Hussain Obama in his formative years. Franklin, in turn, was trained by the Russian Communists to train Hussain Obama in how to handle the American masses. Promise them everything but no promise was ever kept. Train him to hate America, especially the American veterans whose free health care was taken away from them in 2009. 11 American Legion posts jumped on Hussain Obama. No American President….then it was realized that Hussain Obama was not an American. His grandmother told everyone that she was in Africa: Nigeria, where Hussain Obama was born in her presence. There is no way his grandmother would lie. Hussain’s wife, Michelle’s thesis in college was: hate white people. How were these two evil entities allowed to move into the White House? Ponder that. The American people are not the same as the American people I grew up with who were patriotic and cared for their country. The answer lies in the professors who were allowed to practice in American colleges and sway the American students’ lives. Chalk that up to Hussain Obama’s wish to allow Arab and Muslims to enter the American education system


  7. We are told to contact our senators and congressperson to get things done! I notice, more than ever people have been doing so but it is as if all the 535 have been sampling the koolaid as well. they can see no farther than Obama’s skin color and that idiotic, s–t-eating grin. Rand Paul I know, as his father is fighting Obama up one side nd down the other but Obama will not stop irritating people and so we comment and we are called bigotted racists and the tempers flare. A civil war is NOT what w need now. Obama Must Go….. now! Mitt is another one who is controlled by Goldman Sachs and all his other wealthy contributors. Ron Paul does not accept money from these entities and they don’t like him because of it. He will go in and fix what is broken with our government and rduce the size of it to keep them out of our personal business! He will r estore the free will which God gave to mankind in teh beginning. Those other jerks want to tell you whether you can eat white eggs or brown ones and take your weapons so you can’t shoot them when they try to come in your house to get them! There is only one truly honest candidate who is a real champion of the constitution and of We The People. Ron Paul.

    • Carol….

      Ron Paul has a few good ideas but he really sucks when it comes to Foreign affairs. The muslims would have a field day with him in the Oval Office. He just doesn’t understand their mentality and what a threat they are.

      The only one I’ve heard that knows what the hell they are up to is Newt Gingrich. He understands they are a real threat.

      Newt will also clean house of all politicians that are a threat to America. He knows exactly who they are.

      Truly….you need Newt for your next President if you want your America back! Ron Paul just won’t cut it at this time. You live in perilous time dear neighbour and you need some one who is not wishy-washy on the threats to your country…..inside and out!

  8. Truth monger
    And your right too. But the more shameful fact is, that many knew exactly what they were voting for, because Obama made his intentions very well known. I remember the 100s of thousands Chavez bussed from the highlands and forest with his word for word policies of making it a free Venezuela on the backs of the filthy rich, as if they owed the world for their successes, and Chavez held back nothing preposterous. Those who wanted their financial freedoms knew what was going to happen, yet many of them swayed and did nothing but moan and groan about their bad luck. The same here with Obama, hell, Obama borrowed Chavez’s own election play book, and here we are again but with the so called Conservative candidate this time making stupid with their idea’s that Romney is such a great economist? No The Hell He Is Not! Where in the hell are they digging up this damn lie I don’t know, and it’s a poorly conceived one at that. Rohm is a damn liar, he’s a damn Liberal, he is a damn soothsayer, and he will make it his job to take over from where Obama left off, and that’s his own Faith, The Church Of Latter Day Saints. Just as Obama has done secretly out in the open with his Muslim faith? So will Rohm do with Mormonism. He has too, his church demands he does, his belief system demands he does, so he will be given his universe to rule over in the after life, and you and I all will pay a steep price for it too. Here’s a man we know allot about, and the most important aspects of Romney are his consistencies, that is, his consistent lying and flipper flapping floppering!. We are now officially screwed in having no other options before us than Romney and I swear, I’ll remind every damn one of his supporters of their insane stupidity! He will go after our gun rights and he has said he is going to end the Confederate Flag issue once and for all and that makes this Peckerwood Yankee a serious enemy of mine. He said he didn’t recognize our Southern Flag, and to the SOB Joseph Smith Muhammad wanna be, I don’t recognize this bastards Cult either. It will Ladies & Gentlemen, be a cold day in Mormon hell before I ever cast my vote for him, and that goes for many of my fellow Southerners, all I can say to you is this, get ready for 4 more years of Obama cause it is coming….Unless of course Newt stays the course?

  9. Jericho777
    I think most who voted for him didn’t hear anything he said except hope and change. They didn’t hear that he planned to “fundamentally change” the United States. He spoke in circles above their comprehension level of about the sixth grade…..they were so enamored of his skin color that nothing he said really sunk in. All they seemed to care about was that he would be giving them new cars, new homes and that they would be helping in making a part of history in electing the first black president!

    Romney is a slick and cunning man….much like Obama! If his lips are moving; he’s lying and if he shakes your hand; check to make sure you still have all your fingers! I live in an area with a large Moron population….I don’t trust any of them! I don’t trust muslims either for the same reasons. You can’t believe anything that comes out of their mouths and you can’t turn your back on them cuz they will surely try to stab you!

    Keep giving your support to Newt! He really needs to know that he has lots of Americans with him…He’s the only one to save America.

    • I have tried to be civilized with these folks Truth Monger, I have an uncle who is absolutely the best, a 2 tour Vietnam Vet and one of the most generous you’ll ever meet. His support for Romney set me aback, I don’t
      know, or are blind to what they see in Rohm, I just can’t in as much as I have tried. Everyone that I have asked, says about the same word for word, he’s the only one who can beat Obama. They seem to forget that it’s not their votes alone that will defeat Obama, nor Romney who can win without them, it’s the support that these candidates garner from us all, so, it comes down to who they and others support who will win this race, Rohm has little to do with it, in that he has so little to offer, and that in my eyes, it is either dangerous or absolutely Liberal in nature…There are 27 voting adults in my family 28 years & older and we are all conservatives, it took all I have emotionally to pull them to Newts side, but they have said as I have, we just cannot cast a vote for Romulus. It would be like having to pick the bullet that will end our lives? I’m pissed, I’m livid at having to decide if I’ll vote or not vote, it will be the first time since 1978 that I have ever been forced into the position I find myself in, nothing comes even close! But your right about people being so blind by their own faulty inhibitions to make a solid responsible choice, it’s the hype they vote for, not the substance that truth is built on. Fools and their folly I suppose…

  10. i might cough up a few more bucks for newt to keep him in, rick piddled his stash and is begging to reduce his “debt”. none of them are whacking barry on his citizenship, i find that SAD. this is a glaring opening in his armor, in a national debate, it would force the media’s hand to report on this crap!

    until further notice, my excess capital will go towards stock in brass, copper and lead, in the popular calibers that i own.

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