Newt: Let Me Be Positive About Obama

 By Jim Campbell
Those who are still backing Romney, this is a wake up call.  Newt is clearly the proven leader,  bold thinker  while putting his idea to work in the real world.  Remember, he is the only Speaker of the House to submit a balanced budget each year as Speaker.
Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich delivered a speech at the 2012 NRA Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum yesterday. Apparently to Newt, the word “goodbye” is positive!

Remember the Right to Bare Arms is not just granted to us by the Second Amendment, it was granted to us by our creator and as such is one of many inalienable rights granted to us by God.

You want Mitt?  He’s yours.

Now, please listen to Romney…It’s all about him….he cannot hold a handle to Newt at any level, take a moment after watching and ask yourselves, have I been duped by the media?  It the answer is yes, then go to Newt’s site and make any fitting donation.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

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11 thoughts on “Newt: Let Me Be Positive About Obama

  1. “Remember the Right to Bare Arms is not just granted to us by the Second Amendment,” Take off your shirt, and bare your arms. Bear, not bare


  3. what’s to be positive avout? Obama is a FRAUD who has deceived America-

  4. There is a Santorum supporters and Newt supporters Unite page and the Santorum supports on that page will support Newt. Newt got applause after every statement. He was the only one that received that kindof aplause. Romeny got a few handclapping and so did Rick Santorum, but Newt got applause all the time.

  5. I think Newt is the stronger candidate also. But seeing the numbers I beleive Romney will get the nod. The point being anybody but Obama. Even if romney is not the perfect person he is not a marxist or communist. I still have many questions about him. Hopefully all will come out and pray all will be the truth.

    • Newt is probably the best man and would do the best job but he is disliked by the superliberals and would have a partisan split congress and would get nothing done- while Romney is honest and we need to get rid of the FRAUD- only I believe Romney will pardon Obama for his crimes- because Romney refuses to take on the reality of Obama’s FRAUD and criimes-

  6. Yes Newt is the one there are alot of people out there can’t see the forest for the trees. He will be at the convention and romney will not take it on the first ballot so they have their spill and the delegates vote for the nominee of their choice and i think Newt will walk away with it and just hope he picks Allen West for VP, these two can wipe the floor with with Obama and Biden.

  7. Positively a superslick CON-JOB who says what people want to hear but is CORRUPT to the bone- and has deceived America by hiding his criminal past- he even surrendered his LAW license to avoid investigation- More than 30 lawsuits were filed against Obama’s (proven) FORGED birth certificate and multiple SSN’s and did you see even one word on the last line of any newspaper in America (or on any TV-station)? (of course you didnt) Becuase we in America (who pride ourselves on our freedoms) have a controlled news-media- who NOT only refuse to report on Obamas past indicetions(crimes) but are complicit in hiding and covering his past- OUR SYTEM is BROKEN-

  8. Did anyone notice in Romney’s speech how many times he used Newt’s ideas and made them his own?
    And yes, it was all about him.

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