Rick Santelli’s rant ten years ago started it all

H/T Scared Monkeys

Why We Love Rick Santelli … Blasts Obama and the Idiotic Buffett Rule that Accomplishes Nothing … Must Reduce Spending … Nothing But an Obama Distraction.

It may be argued by some that his original rant from the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange made him the father of today’s Tea Party movement that has swept across America.


The Buffett Rule … a taxation to no where …

Barack Obama and his minions continually play the class warfare game and talk of the “Buffett rule” as some way of paying down the debt. Sadly, so many have bought into the class warfare mantra and may want to educate themselves a bit more. They might want to start by watching Rick Santelli’s rant on the foolishness of raising taxes as being the answer. WRONG! The only way to reduce the debt is to decrease spending.

WAKE UP AMERICA … passing the “Buffet rule”would do nothing to reduce the deficit.

Of course, conservatives and Republicans have thought that all along.  But in recent days, the trouble for Obama has been far broader, as commentators and politicians – faced with nonpartisan estimates that enacting the Buffett Rule would raise about $4.7 billion in revenue per year, less than a drop in the bucket of a $1 trillion-plus annual deficit — admitted that there’s just not much there.

As we are reminded at the Gateway Pundit, Santelli discusses the real job numbers and the 1.2 million people who dropped out of the job market.

SERIOUSLY AMERICA, WAKE UP AND EDUCATE YOURSELF AND STOP BUYING INTO THE LIES OF BARACK OBAMA AND HIS MINIONS. Use some common sense, you can’t spend your way out of a recession and you cannot tax your way out of abusive over-spending by a government. The Angry White Guy has some common sense calculations that all can and should understand.Take a good look at what happens when we cut government spending vs. raising taxes. Stop the hate and the nonsense of class warfare … its not about the rich making money and individuals being green with envy, you should care more about an abusive, over taxing government. Didn’t we have a Revolutionary War over this once?

So soaking the rich would make how much money? Must be a lot for Obama to much this much time into it – on average less than $5 BILLION a year…. $5 BILLION it’s a lot of moo, it’d fund my good and bad habits for quite a while. But at the government level… $5 BILLION isn’t squat and would run the Federal government for less than two hours, so $5 BILLION – it’s laughable at that level.

By the way cutting federal spending just 1% like trips to Vegas and iPods for GSA workers would save $37 BILLION a year, cut it 10% do the math $370 BILLION a year.

On CNN ‘State of the Nation,’ Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus stated that the Obama backed “Buffett Rule,” was nothing more than a political maneuver meant to distract from his record on the economy. YA THINK!!!

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday said the proposed “Buffett Rule,” backed by President Barack Obama, is a political maneuver meant to distract from his record on the economy.

Priebus said the rule, which would level a minimum tax rate on millionaires, amounts to “one single tiny alteration of the tax code” that will not make a significant dent in the budget.


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2 thoughts on “Rick Santelli’s rant ten years ago started it all

  1. As soon as the super spending in Washington stops, you can deal with the debt until then nothing will fix it. Taxing the rich is one sure way to have their companies leave the US. They are the job creators leave them alone. Have Obama and Buffet send checks and all the others that agree with this b/s. It is plain to see taxing the rich is the wrong way to go. This is entirely Obama’s mess, we did not OK any stimulous funds. He should pay it back and others that agree with this nonense. Sick of having to pay for a couple of dumb ass politicians.

  2. Ok, America, time for US to “take back” the $790,000 obama “claims” to have received as annual income; multiply that times 3 years and it’s a “miniscule” start on a “repayment” plan. He’s accomplished NOTHING positive, therefore, he has “earned” NOTHING – –0-, nada, zilch!

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