A message to all African-Americans in America from President Barack Hussein Obama

Comment by Jim Campbell

For starters this is not a hyphenated site.  There are no hyphenated Americans, a phrase credited with one of the all time race hustlers Jesse “where’s my church” Jackson.  (Put your hand on your wallet when he’s around, Jesse never had a church, he did revivals from a tent.)  Nope sorry Jesse,  just Americans in sports and none in a fox hole.

Now let’s imagine for a moment that George W. Bush was to make a similar video congratulating all the Caucasians in America.  Damn, the liberals would be calling for a lynching or at least a water boarding. 


Upon further reflection I’ve created the sign above.  I’m working on one for Kenya as that is the only country run by communists that will take his bony ass.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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10 thoughts on “A message to all African-Americans in America from President Barack Hussein Obama

  1. Let us not forget that Obama and the US Media Propaganda machine convinced the majority of idiots in the USA that Obama was going to be the Post-Racial POTUS.
    What has been reality? He is the most divisive president in this country’s history and it has all be by His Own Design in his Class Warrior and Race Warrior Presidency. It is the Communist and Alinsky Way: Divide and Conquer, and sadly, with a Propaganda Media promoting the same ideas it has worked. He has this country more divided than we have been since the Civil War over 160 years ago, and this has been his and the communist plan all along. Do not fall for this facetious serial liar and race hustler who is now posing as President of the USA.

  2. Why am I neither shocked nor even surprised? It’s disgusting enough for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to push that sort of stuff, but for the President of “all the people” to do it is far worse. And that’s what we have got ourselves into and from which we must extricate ourselves in November.

    Sometimes, I fear that we may wind up with something approaching another civil war regardless of whether President Obama is reelected.

    • You have Jesse the race hustler, Farakhan, the Muslim White Hater and Al Sharpton, another race hustler and hater along with Barack Obama and his so-called Attorney General, backing and supporting the hate group called the New Black Panthers, who are nothing but a modern day rendition of the Old Black Panthers who were nothing but a communist backed hate group who were being used to terrorize our white citizenry and the USA government in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Black Panthers murdered police, robbed banks and murdered folks in the process, and Obama is now using them as his Poll Watchers to intimidate and scare white voters. Yes, Obama is the Post Racial POTUS. He wants a divided America that hates one another, and it is all for his own political purposes and personal power. What this race-hustling POTUS Obama has not counted on is the fact that most Americans, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, or sexual orientation just want a peaceful country in which they can find meaningful jobs and make a living and get the government off our backs and off their asses and let our economy grow so that we all may have a piece of the American Pie and get it the old fashioned way by Hard Work and ingenuity. Our government is the biggest impediment we now have to freedom and economic prosperity, but the current Obama Regime and the Current USA congress want to play political games and use uselss political rhetoric just to keep their own power, and in the meantime, they could care less if we all starve to death or kill each other in the streets. It is past time to return this country to being a responsible country by establishing a responsible government that truly believes in the U.S. Constitution, and that will mean downsizing the Federal Government to about 10 percent of what we now have. 90 percent of the federal bureaucracy is totally un-constitutional and needs to be abolished as soon as is possible. The, the worthless bureacurats can then go out and get Real Jobs that would be created if we destroy 90 percent of the federal bureaucracy that is totally responsible for the destruction of the USA and our economy and other norms, traditions, values, culture, language, beliefs and borders.

  3. All I can say if they start a race war they all better hide good and deep somewhere cause its not only the white americans that hate these men a lot of good Black Americans hate him to… he promised to make American great again but as usual he failed like he planned on it.. we are getting more and more emails from Black americans that hate him and I mean hate…He has let the Black American down as well as every one ….

  4. Hellooooo, this guy is also 1/2 white, so where does he get off taking credit for the advances the African Americans have made. In fact the black 1/2 isn’t even American.

    • The only credit and that’s not the appropriate word that obama and his liberal/socialist lemming set is keeping the poor and less fortunate held hostage for their votes. Factually there are so many more white folks on public assistance. Thanks for your comment Linda, J.C.

  5. Will the Americans ever wake up to the evil that is governing our country?

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  7. He speaks about the sacrifices of so many . Yeah — so many white people supporting so many black welfare asses . I ask myself why there isn’t a National Caucasian Month [ notice no hyphen ] . That self-serving egotistical wanker has got to go . Hey Mooshell — praise the Lord and pass the watermelon—–diet of course .

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