ICE Negotiates with Obama’s Uncle

Comments by Jim Campbell

Calling Eric Holder: It’s Oingo Boingo time. Your No Justice Department needs to create a new U.S. citizen.  Chop, Chop, make it before November so he can vote.

This low life reprobate has been living on the taxpayer’s dime since he got to this country.  Twice nailed for drunk driving even Obama wants nothing to do with him.  So what’s the problem with kicking his sorry ass out of the country and taking Obama with him?  I’ll pay for the one way tickets.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

According to statements made by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, the agency may pursue deportation proceedings against President Obama’s illegal alien uncle, Onyango Obama, unless a court changes his status.

“ICE met with Mr. Onyango and his attorney….” said ICE spokesman Brian Hale. (Boston Herald, Apr. 13, 2012) “Pursuant to this meeting, Mr. Onyango will be required to check in regularly with immigration officials pending his removal. Absent a change in his immigration status or any related court proceedings, Mr. Onyango will be required to report to ICE in the coming weeks in order to effectuate his departure from the United States,” he continued. (Id.)

President Obama’s uncle was arrested last year for driving erratically and operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol at nearly twice the legal limit. (, Aug. 31, 2011; see also Boston Herald, Mar. 28, 2012) Upon arrest, Onyango was briefly detained by ICE officials when they discovered he had ignored a 20-year-old deportation order. (, Aug. 31, 2011)

Given the fact Onyango has yet to face any consequences, it is uncertain whether ICE’s statements indicating they are considering deportation proceedings against him are sincere. Following Onyango’s arrest, Massachusetts Judge Douglas Stoddard put the case on hold for one year and effectively dismissed the DUI charges under the terms of the plea arrangement. (Chicago Tribune, Mar. 27, 2012; see also FAIR Legislative Update, Apr. 2, 2012) The plea deal provided that so long as Onyango is not arrested again this year, the Court will dismiss the drunk-driving charges against him. (The Hill, March 27, 2012)

More recently, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles granted him a “hardship waiver,” allowing him to drive to and from his job managing a liquor store, despite the fact federal law prohibits illegal aliens from working. (CBS Boston, Apr. 3, 2012; see INA § 274A(h)(3))

Onyango has hired immigration attorney Margaret Wong, who helped his sister, Zeituni Onyango, win asylum in 2010. (Boston Herald, Apr.

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4 thoughts on “ICE Negotiates with Obama’s Uncle

  1. This man is using Obama and all his high profile macho to get his way. If this were you or me we would have been jailed by now. True favortism here and you should expose that end of it.

  2. Just like his illegal aunt who is on disability and never paid into it!!!!
    Obama-ass is a Muslim and not even a America citizen!!! The American people were dooped and fooled and elected this SOB stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

  3. Danny Elfman, the voice of OINGO BOINGO, is a capitalist.

    There’s nothing wrong with CAPITALISM
    There’s nothing wrong with FREE ENTERPRISE
    Don’t try to make me feel guilty
    I’m so tired of hearing you cry
    There’s nothing wrong with making a PROFIT
    If you ask me, I’ll say it’s just fine
    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to live nice
    I’m so tired of hearing you whine
    About the revolution of bringing down the rich
    When was the last time you dug a ditch

    • Earth To Ron:

      Am I missing something here or are you? Did you bother to read the context in which Oingo Boingo was mentioned. Perhaps the words you used were part of their lyrics. If so we are on the same page. Come back, your comments will be appreciated, I’m J.C. and I run this circus.

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