The importance of Governor Scott Walker’s election in Wisconsin

Comment by Jim Campbell

Governor Scott Walker has continued to defy the odds.  In a state that tends to vote Democrat  he became Governor as a republican.  Wisconsin’s budget was exploding and the state was headed into the abyss.  He ran on a platform emphasizing fiscal responsibility.  He crushed public sector unions and began restoring WI back to a state that is open for business.

Perhaps the signs should be exchanged?

My only issue with Governor Walker is that he chose Wisconsin as his state as he is needed big time in California as the CA voter has the bizarre ideas of Governor Jerry Brown, who his the last person on earth that believes it is possible to tax a government into economic prosperity. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Governor Scott Walker Leads Dem Opponents In Latest Wisconsin Poll

Posted by Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit

Facing a recall call election by those in capable of understanding job growth, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke to a crowd of about 300 lobbyists, lawmakers and members of the business community at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center today. Governor Walker highlighted his record that allowed Wisconsin to dig itself out of a $3.6 billion deficit without increasing taxes.  (Walker is currently 5-7 points ahead of his challenger from the left. 

The Quincy Journal has more on Scott Walker’s speech.

Governor Scott Walker leads Democrat contenders in the latest Wisconsin poll.
The Fix reported:

A new robopoll from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling shows Gov. Scott Walker (R) with a slim lead over both likely Democratic rivals in the June Wisconsin recall election. Walker leads Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 50 percent to 45 percent and former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk 50 percent to 43 percent.

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4 responses to “The importance of Governor Scott Walker’s election in Wisconsin

  1. It is way past time people realize that unions don’t care about the people, They will leave you high and dry no problem. Every town and city faces the things that Walker is facing. changing things is the hard part. But saving your town is paramount. Realize some concessions must be made. If more people were working instead of taking government hand outs the outcome would be much better. So jobs and the creation there of is the most important thing to every town, city and state. Other than voting out Obama, jobs is the key to helping the entire country.

  2. mr_bad_example

    i heard on rush today, that walker polls as killing his opponent among “likely voters”, i guess they were polling non-voting cartoon characters the last few months, mickey mouse, donald duck and adolf hitler, those who signed the recall petitions…

    i proved this a few years ago, signing an online petition against “global warming”, it seems that a “mickey mouse” had signed prior to my attempt, the site blocked me from signing as mickey mouse, so i went back as “elmer fudd” and successfully signed their petition, and made a video of it!

  3. The unions are the only advocate the working class has. Where unions are non existent it’s “no health insurance, no sick leave, no vacation, no workday limit, no pension and $12 an hour-take it or leave it. Is this fairness? On the other hand (imaginary numbers for sake of presentation) let’s say the state budget needs $10 a year. Revenues take in $7 a year. People don’t get raises and even lose pay and jobs facing such realities and governors like Walker get to be the bad guy but someone has to swing the ax to keep it all running so I would support Walker. How can the state pay out what is does not have ?

    • mr_bad_example

      LMFAO!!! union thug! unions are for lame assed LOSERS. no skill bums! i had a union job 30 years ago, didn’t matter how well i did the job, if there’s cutting in the labor force, the one with the least time goes bye-bye, not the one with the least skill/talent.

      i have a non-union job, i get better than average raises due to my own job performance, not time taking up space! i’m on my 3rd year in this job, i have full bennies, 10 paid holidays and 5 weeks paid vacation this year!

      don’t cry for me Agostino!

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