Effie Sue Washington is back thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of America

Comment by Jim Campbell

H/T EffieSueWashington

Ya just got to love capitalism.  YouTube has apparently succumbed to “political correctness by banning a truly funny truthful yet disgusting YouTube on the idiocy of the continued race baiting in Washington.

Nobody has ever suggested that progressive have a sense of humor. Why should they when their shared schemes and legislation have led to one thing, shared misery?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Hello Chillens:

Thank yall for findin my website! They done kicked me off of YouTube, so I muved it here at We Da People for mo exposur.

My rants are to impotant to be scrubbed, so now you can by my wisdon on Amazon and I Toons.

God luv all and please be telling other fokes about the good work we be doing ya here!


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4 thoughts on “Effie Sue Washington is back thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of America

  1. there are programs to capture video and audio from the internet, i use them all the time. i used one video i captured in a video i made, it’s pretty funny…

  2. i might even be able to get the original video back, there is a way to retrieve deleted videos… i did that once too, i’ll try it tonight.

  3. No apologies here -I absolutely LOVE Sarah Palin, she would make a wonderful president. Personally, I think she is a reincarnation of Ronald Reagan – -in lipstick!

    • i love sarah too, have a “palin 2012″ sticker i got last week, might put on my car to protest romney.

      i have this program called “state” that is free to download and use, where you can make people say and do things, it’s fun once you get the hang of it. using “windows movie maker” and “realplayer” where i downloaded the fighter, then it’s a matter of “cut and paste” audio and video clips.

      i made a commercial for rush’s tea contest last fall where i used sarah and larry, i got 9000 views in 2 weeks with it!

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