Obama Charges $1,000 Per Handshake


Comment by Jim Campbell

In a sign of how easily duped Obama followers are they willingly part with a thousand dollars to shake this fool’s hand.  I wouldn’t let him shake my hand for  two thousand dollars even if the amount covered the expense of an 8×10 photo of me spitting on him.

That’s my story and I’m sticking through it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

President Obama’s fan base is willing to pay through the nose to get a glimpse of him. In fact, supporters in Dearborn, Michigan showed up today to shell out $1,000 just to shake the hand of The One.

“A thousand dollars is a lot of money,” Lonnie Peek, one of the fortunate few to touch Obama personally, told CBS. “But other folks are kickin’ in for their candidates, so what you do is you bite the bullet. You wanna have your conscience good, to feel that this is what I did. You know, you go without a couple of meals. We can miss a couple meals.”

Lonnie Peek, by the way, gave Obama $2,000 during the 2008 election cycle. He’s apparently a former member of the Citywide Citizens Action Committee, “possibly the most broadly based Black Power organization in any city,” according to articles at the time of its founding; he is a self-described racial “militant.

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11 thoughts on “Obama Charges $1,000 Per Handshake

  1. I paid $500 before he was elected.

  2. Dearborn, Michigan that’s where all the rest of the Muslims live

  3. Make sure you shake his right hand. You know what Muslims do with their left…

  4. Perhaps if you paid me $1000 I might show up but would never touch that man.

  5. Heck, for $1000 I’d give you more than a hand shake!

  6. @Jake-there are still people who belive Hitler was great too.

    • Yep and Nazi Germany was a Democracy…Thanks for your comments Lanette, glad you found the site. I’m J.C. and I run this circus. Please come back and share with your friends. Good people here.

  7. The biggest & most shocking FRAUD of all time has been forced on the people of America- a president who has a criminal background has covered up his past history at the cost of millions (by very rich people) None of the 40 lawsuits against Obama’s FORGED birth certificate & multiple SSN’s were ever reported on by the news-media- In fact they were complicit in hiding his past indiscretions (crimes)- The news-media are the villains who have hidden (BLACKED OUT) the TRUTH from America- we must rid ourselves of this terrible cancer-

  8. Yeah…even some 40+ yr olds think Che Guevara was a pretty good dude! I met one..hmmm..he never did read that article I sent him ;-)
    Sure enjoyed reading these comments…thanks for the chuckles!
    “O” has got to “Go”!


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