Stealth on the Supreme Court: The Obama Agenda

Wild Bill for America

Comment by Jim Campbell

Wild Bill made this about a year ago.  His comments show is clairvoyance as his remarks the are more telling now. 

Let us never forget and support all efforts to oust Ms. Lindsey the RINO Graham as he went on record that he would block any attempt at a filibuster.  In his twisted little mind he believes a president should get his choice.

Lindsey Graham is an absolute disgrace.  Among his other winning moves was refusing to write a letter to the Secretary of the Army to help the wrongfully held PFC Corey Clagett who was wrongfully incarcerated and rots in  solitary confinement  in Ft. Leavenworth Kansas. 

For this and other acts of senatorial malfeasance he was awarded:

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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One response to “Stealth on the Supreme Court: The Obama Agenda

  1. Regina McGlashen

    May the Golden Rhino sprinkle him with odiferous nuggets and golden showers.

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