The Future of An interview by Ann-Marie Murrell with Joel Pollak


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2 thoughts on “The Future of An interview by Ann-Marie Murrell with Joel Pollak

  1. Good interview I think this will go on and I hope they continue to uncover alot of corruption and bring it to the public.

  2. Immigrants in the past have come here legally and gone through the legal process to become citizens since they knew that it was worth it to live in a free country where they could pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    They learned the language, some of our history and other things as part of the process. The reason for this is that you want immigrants to know and understand the country and it’s culture so that they will better be able to assimilate.

    In today’s, lawless and politically correct environment, illegal immigrants come to this country and not only do not assimilate, they are in fact, hostile to the USA, it’s customs, values, traditions, language, laws and constitution. It is time to put an end to this insanity if we are to survive as a free and sovereign nation of laws, traditions, customs, values and language. You have to have common borders, laws, customs, traditions, values and language to be called a nation. All these things are being thwarted and abased in the current government that is being lead by Socialists and Radicals, with Obama, being the Lead Radical.

    As for other nationalities who come here and become citizens and assimilate, yes, many of them still speak their native language at home, and this is fine and good. It is a free country. But, in everyday life and business, you need to know and speak the language so that their is understanding. If I go to France to Live, I will speak English at home, But When Doing Business, I best learn French or I will be in the dark, and besides if I wanted to become a French Citizen, I would be willing to follow their immigration laws and also learn the language.

    The USA has become a land of Squatters and Outlaws who have no respect for We, The People, our Standards, Customs, Values, Traditions, Laws and Language. It is time to Get These Squatters and Outlaws out of our country, and if the Government Refuses to Enforce Laws, it is up to communities and states to do the job that the Obama Administration and other Administrations Refuse To Do.

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