Romney to Win in a Landslide?


It started several nights ago, the media and the usual talking heads began discussing the inevitability of  Mitt Romney being the presidential nominee for the Republican Party.  Then following the night of the 5 primaries April 22nd, that morning we were greeted with unsubstantiated articles that told us Newt has talked with Romney and said after North Carolina he would drop out and support him. 
Predictably the New York Times wrote another story of Newt’s demise yesterday. Equally predictable it lacked any substance and proved nothing, other that why it is still the fisherman’s choice to wrap dead mackerel.   In fact the articles published during the last 5 days refer to a Mr. R.C.  Hammond as Newt’s spokesman. 


Who Me?

To make things more interesting I’ve decided to determine who Mr. R.C. Hammond is.  Go ahead and Google it, as in “Who is R.C. Hammond Spokesman for Newt Gingrich?”
I found an endless loop of articles even clicking on his biography back to the Washington Times.   
Click on any picture the same thing happens. Is there an R.C. Hammond?  Probably, does he work for Newt?  Why doesn’t he appear to exist?
Equally odd, is that I’ve made little secret that I write for Newt, have been on conference calls with him, and he has said nothing at all about leaving the race and that is what he has repeatedly told his supporters.  He’s taking his run to Tampa.

So in a sane world, or a just world, which isn’t the one we have; but if we did, Obama would be laughed out of office. I also said there’s a big, big vote out there lying to pollsters.

Do I have a crystal ball? Not at all but this is taking me back to the very strange that it’s all bigger than anyone can fathom.  Remember Hillary was the darling of the democrats,  President George W. Bush won two contested elections. It’s quite probable the elites have more to say than we have imagined.
In the video below made two days following the primaries Newt was pragmatic but also said he is taking it to Tampa. 
I checked his site, no mention, and I just called his office, it was closed, I called too late. 
I could be wrong but I believe we have been set up in an attempt to marginalize former Speaker Gingrich.  I will know more in the morning. 
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.
(Article Below:)

Pollster calls you on the phone, you don’t want the pollster to think you’re a racist so you tell ‘em that you approve of Obama’s job performance and you might even vote for him. I said, “I’m not predicting it, but I won’t be surprised if this is a blowout.” And I cited the 1980 campaign as an example. I said, “Effectively we’re going through Jimmy Carter’s second term here, only worse.” And I’m mentioning this to you only because I believe it. And also I’m mentioning it to you because it explains why I am not wringing my hands over Romney and his flip-flops.

Look, at this point it’s academic anyway. Romney is the nominee. There’s nothing that could be done about that. If you don’t like it, if it disappoints you — and I understand, look, the Tea Party, big 2010 midterms, it would have been great if we had a full-fledged conservative that could have gotten this nomination, but that didn’t happen. I told these people I think Romney’s gonna end up surprising a lot of them. A lot of them were negative on Romney, his tendency to flip-flop, his baggage of things he said in the past. I said, “I’ve seen some evidence of Romney running a much, much different campaign than McCain did that will have many more attacks on Obama and his record than McCain ever had the desire or guts to engage in. And I think you all are gonna be surprised,” I said.

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2 thoughts on “Romney to Win in a Landslide?

  1. The thing that irks me is the fact that Romney was the presumed (by the GOP) nominee for 2012 right after McCain lost in 2008. Newt was my pick after Perry dropped out. I will certainly vote for Romney in November but I don’t think we have seen the tip of the iceberg yet as far as how ugly the Obama campaign is going to get. There will be an October surprise IMHO….

  2. By virture of the Wisconsin bloodbath, Romney should win by a landslide as the sour-graped Demos are so beside themselves that Obama didn’t show his mug during the tumult in Wisconsin proves he’s a fair-weather type person. This does, in fact, urk the leftists to no end whereby they’ll just stay home in November and let someone else do their dirty work. Along with the solid GOP states, I say Romney takes easily: Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, Virginia, and Nevada. Oh, yes, and make sure the plan on January 19, 2013 includes Barry and Micki giving the White House a lick and a promise as they leave!

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