The inexplicable

Why are we the people sitting back and letting this happen? Are you ready to rock and roll if he steals the election?  I’ve had it with this Marxist asshole and his fat ass wife……….Look for rolling thunder if all does not go as planned in November. 

An old West Virginia Hillbilly saying:

You cannot get the water to clear up,

until you get the pigs out of the creek.

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9 thoughts on “The inexplicable

  1. It sure would be nice to know what the h to do about anything these days. People are talking but I don’t see alot of action or do I have one idea what to do.

  2. I raise my hand in volunteerism to rid our country of the menace in the white house. The first thing I can give is a HELL NO TO 4 MO OF O vote, anything after that will be in cooperation and harmony with others that want our country back. I am praying that a multitude of strong, God fearing people are at the stead and armed to protect this nation from further destruction and communist infiltration should the horror of Obama predict a potential for continued occupancy of our White House.
    God save us all from this man’s muslim evilness and communist plans for the United States.

  3. P.S….
    After we get the pigs out of the water. lets have a huge pig roast!!

  4. I wonder what it would be like waking up one morning and there are 10 million people sitting on your front porch.

  5. Vote the pigs out

  6. I’m with you JC, I’m ready when you are. Team America will prevail!

  7. You will be SMEARED as a RACIST for telling the TRUTH about Obama- & the TRUTH is that Obamna is a FRAUD- and the culprits are the news-media for helping him cover-up his criminal past- he even surrendered his LAW license to avoid investigation- the only president to hide his past and FORGE his birth certificate- and the only president to have an alias name – “BARRY SOETORO” you are a FRAUD who deceived America-

  8. One can only wonder… When the people have decided that they have tolerated O-bozo for as long as they can and O-bozo awakes one morning to find several million extremely pissed-off Patriots on his doorstep; will they people find tar and feathering as sufficient punishment or will they demand a pound of the traitorous O-bozo’s flesh? Or maybe strip him of his citizenship, questionable as it may be, and pack him off so some third-world shit-hole. I hear that Kenya, homeland of his communist daddy, is just wonderful this time of year!

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