Jimmy Kimmel rips on Obama, Secret Service and keeps ripping on Obama

By Jim Campbell

Jimmy Kimmel’s remarks were funny but it seems he was delivering more than comedy but a message to the failed president. 

Jimmy Kimmel aimed his comedic barbs at President Obama, Washington politics, and the Secret Service during the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday. Kimmel was the event’s featured entertainer.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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4 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel rips on Obama, Secret Service and keeps ripping on Obama

  1. Yeah it was a Horrywood style roast. However I could have don’t with out FOX showing it on television. The scrolling ribbon of Twitter comments were pretty spot on from my point of view. It sucked like the big dog that was eaten by Obama at least three times in his own words.

    For Obama to mention that he ate dog meat three times is a clue that he is bothered by the attention his appetite for puppy as chow has garnered.

    Where is PETA? Oh yeah! They are now, since Obama (aka) Preezy Steezy B.O. Kewel Aww Yeaah, got his Jive Turkey parsons nose in a wringer and are calling themselves.

    ‘People Eating Tasty Animals’.

  2. Did you watch any of it Jim? I watched the first couple minutes of Obama speaking and it really turned me off. That first part where he’s in the bathroom and you hear the toliet flush was disgusting to me. Then his joke about Hillary drink dialing him way was over the top.

  3. I watched this one thing for sure Obama can not deliver a joke, He spent minutes laughing at himself very disturbing. Kimmel was good, and yes he meant all his jokes. The feedback was so odd, many liked Obama better, those people are on the do not watch list. The ones agreeing with Kimmel are on the watch list.

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