Effie Sue Washington on the Media


Hello Chillens….

Thank yall for findin my website! They done kicked me off the you tube but I put up this here site so yall’s could view my videos, listen to my rants and hopefully buy my sh*t on Amazon, Itunes, and some other places.

Gawd luv ya and tell other folks about the good work we be durin’.

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4 thoughts on “Effie Sue Washington on the Media

  1. Right on Effie Sue.

  2. I say’d dis here afore.

    A bit off topic but WOW!
    Imagine this? I am a fairly conservative independent voter and generally opposed to anything democrat or liberal. Imagine my surprise when I watched Alan Dershowitz actually speak the beliefs that I hold. I whole heartedly applaud Alan Dershowitz on his legal stance and legal premise during the MEGYN KELLY. Fox and Friends and Geraldo Rivera show last weekend as he laid down a very valid premise that the Affidavit against George Zimmerman submitted by the Government i.e. prosecution is an inept attempt by the government prosecutor to kowtow to those with a racist agenda is actually an scurrilous and criminal action by the government to railroad Zimmerman . I couldn’t believe my ears. I don’t know what is going on but I recalled his appearance on Fox and Friends castigating Media Matters on April 25th. At first I didn’t believe what I was hearing but since I I didn’t record it I had to go find it on on YouTube. I found it and watched the unbelievable turn for truth and right coming out of Alan’s usually very liberal mouth. This too was unexpected and actually awe inspiring.

    I submit my ‘Kudos’ to Alan Dershowitz for taking a stance against hiding exculpatory evidence to sway the court of public opinion.

    Pay no attention to the motor mouthed “twit” Stacey Honowitz who was the other guest on Geraldo’s show during this segment. Her argument was specious and typically loud, overbearing and obnoxious, she lost it big time when pitted against Professor Dershowitz .

    Unbelievable, I thought I’d Dershowitz would never fall into line with my way of thinking, ever…!
    If you read the charging affidavit you will see the work of either a rank armature who failed the basic LSAT or a bought and paid for political hack of Social Justice.

    Da truf be tolt, It would seem that the prosecutor got her facts for the charging document from the initial fraudulent reporting of MSNBC and NBC rather than the official initial police investigation.

  3. Ellie Sue is absolutely right.

  4. We all know the truth will not set you free, the truth will get you censored.

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