GOP lawmaker: Eligibility too scary to take on

Comment by Jim Campbell

“The biggest constitutional crisis since the Civil War?”  Give me a break.  This guy is spinning propaganda or he’s giving us a heads up that he should not ever hold any elected office in the U.S. at any level.

We have the biggest constitutional crisis since the Civil War on going with a gutless congress and Senate that refused to so its duty in the first place.  We have occupying the White House a criminal who holds himself above the law, circumvents congress, uses agencies and the courts to pass his socialist agenda and this guy is worrying about a constitutional crisis? 

We are already a country with no law as Obama has made a joke of the Constitution and nobody will stand up and fight for it. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Fears investigation would be ‘biggest constitutional crisis since Civil War’


by Drew ZahnEmail

In former Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams, eligibility activist Tom Ballantyne thought he had found a Republican ally who would champion the Constitution by demanding a congressional investigation into Barack Obama’s “natural-born citizen” status.

kirk-adamsNot fit for office

After all, Adams told Ballantyne he was so fierce a defender of the Constitution that he battled his state’s Republican governor in court to protect the legislature’s enumerated powers from executive-branch encroachment.

When it came to investigating Obama’s eligibility, however, Adams – who is now running for the U.S. House – said he feared Congress standing up to the chief executive would trigger “a constitutional crisis unlike one we’ve seen since perhaps the Civil War.”

Further, Adams questioned whether an investigation by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio – determining probable cause to suspect the White House presented forged documents as “proof” of Obama’s eligibility – lends “credibility” to the case.

In a video shot by Ballantyne, author of “Oh Really, O’Reilly!” and cameraman Gabe Zolna, Adams affirmed his oath of office to defend the Constitution, but worried that investigating Obama’s potential violation of that Constitution would create tremendous “fallout” among the American people.

“First off, I do think it’s entirely appropriate that every candidate for office be able to prove their eligibility,” Adams said. “But … can you imagine the constitutional crisis that would ensue?”

He continued, “Because of how big that would be, I simply do not believe that an investigation by a volunteer posse of the sheriff gives enough credibility to this issue to really push this issue.”

Instead, Adams insisted Congress shouldn’t act until the question of Obama’s eligibility had “worked its way through the legal process.”

Video of the exchange can be seen below, with Adams’ remarks on eligibility beginning at roughly the 5:55 mark:

The video concludes with Ballantyne arguing that Obama’s potential ineligibility has already triggered a Constitutional crisis and that the issue can’t “work its way through the legal process” because the courts won’t grant “standing” to those seeking answers.

“Absent a congressional hearing and congressional force of authority being brought to bear,” Ballantyne said, “it seems that everybody is waiting for somebody else to do it.”

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9 thoughts on “GOP lawmaker: Eligibility too scary to take on

  1. The ultimate virtue is courage. How much do we have left?

  2. Constitutional? What Constitution? We do not care about the Constitution of the USA. These were the words of Al Cee Hastings when asked about the Constitutionality of the Obama Care Bill. Al Cee Hastings was speaking with one voice for the entire U.S. Congress. Folks, that is the state of affairs in the USA Today. Our Constitutional Republic is dead and gone.

  3. If our so called “representatives” would ‘grow a pair’ and or locate their spines and stand up for those of us who are catching the brunt of this criminal who has totally defrauded the United States of America there would not be any problem! His derrierre would be behind bars for acts of terrorism, treachery, fraudulent activities….. jsut to name a few. He has lied to the whole country and to the supreme court and to Congress and the Senate. He is conspiring with foreign countries to take over out country! For the love of God, what makes this scoundrel so formidable. He has caused us more heartache, cost more money and more aggravation than anyone in history!
    Bill Clinton was a sweetheart by comparison! Even though a liar is a liar is a liar. The fact that he is half black does not mnake him a god and certainly not superior nor aove our laws. Prosecute him!
    Everybody; altogether: Get Out Of Our House!!
    This is the closest thing to insanity in our county that I have ever witnessed. No one knows who he is! No one knows where he czme from. No one remembers him from high school, college or anywhere else. He is the man who wasn’t there and I’d love to see him as the man who is NO LONGER there. What draws celebritiies to him?
    He is never going to do anything for them! He is working to turn this country into a socialist or communitst nation. Who really wants this? Please, someone, anyone tell me!

  4. Just what the hell is it that keeps us from standing on our own without the gov’t. behind us ? If memory serves , it happened once before and we won our independence . Have we become a nation of spineless assholes that are willing to take what Obama dishes out and ask that more shit be heaped on us ? When will it be too late to help ourselves ?

  5. They are afraid of a war but if they don’t do their job there might just be a war!!

  6. “work its way through the legal process”? When a mobster bribes and or threatens federal judges, there is no legal process! Any one with a little judicial experience that can access the minutes of the Ga. trials knows that both judges failed to up hold the law. It’s blatant! Obama’s lawyer stated that “Mickey Mouse can run for President”… that ladies and gentlemen is contempt or out of order at least and the judge did nothing!

  7. This clown is what is known as a typical, gutless, self-interested politician. He could change parties tomorrow–and probably WOULD if it were to in any way benefit him–and no one would be able to tell the difference in anything he did or said.
    But watch as Republican Party leaders in his town claim how much BETTER he would be than a Democrat!!!!
    We get AND DESERVE what we vote for, folks!

  8. Someone got to ADAMS just like they got to Bohner and TRUMP-

    • When this so-called Arab Spring started and Egypt was being toppled, I wrote the following concerning Obama’s Non-Aggression Pact that he had pieced together with the Russian and Chinese Communists and with the Arab Nations. The Pact was very similar to the 1939 Pact That Hitler and Stalin pieced together known as the Warsaw Pact in which Hitler and Stalin agreed to allow one another to expand their empires, with whatever means necessary, in particular areas with the Germans expanding and seizing power in Western Europe with the Russians doing the same in Eastern Europe and that the Germans would not interfere with Russian Expansion and Vise Versa. After Obama met with the Commies and Muzzies and had Hillary Clinton laying the groundwork, the riots and revolutions began in earnest. Obama is the culmination of decades of planning by the One World Government Faction of International Bankers and Multi–National Corporations who from behind the scenes control all of our Elected Officials in the Federal Government including the President of the USA. It all started with the assassination of JFK who was our last Real President of the USA. All the rest since JFK have been the Puppets of the New World Order. The USA Federal Reserve is a Private Bank which is part of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank that oversees our Money and Extracts Interest Payments from the U.S. Taxpayers VIA the Federal Government That Extracts money and Real Assets from Citizens, especially from those who own Property and Businesses. Fort Knox is likely empty of any Gold today, but the government would never tell the American people this. The Gold has likely been shipped to Belgium or some other Safe Place since the official U.S. Government has been Bankrupt since the days of the Wild Spending by Ronald Reagan and onward. This plan has been in the makings for decades. It cranked up in earnest in the mid-1980’s and went into overdrive during the 1990’s when the Communists Bill and Hillary Clinton were in power. Also, George H.W. Bush or Daddy Bush, was a big time promoter of the One World Order and the creation of the Police State in the USA. Obama, with Hillary Clinton as Sec of State, is now sealing America’s fate as he has signed a non-aggression pact with the Communists of China and Russia and with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. These Revolutions in Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc. would not be taking place right now without the USA backing VIA Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Deals they have Made which are Raw Deals for America. And, when Obama was elected, he made a pact with all radical, subversive, and communist groups in the USA: Unions such as SEIU, UAW, Government Employees Unions, Green Environmental Groups, Black Panthers, ACORN, LaRaza (Hispanic Racist Group that calls for the overthrow of the USA in the Southwest USA and ceding it back to Mexico), and others and we have been seeing it played out all over the country since Obama was elected. Wisconsin and the Union Riots comes to mind. The LaRaza Gatherings of hundreds of thousands of criminal invaders who burn USA flags while hoisting Mexican Flags, etc. And, of course, Obama keeps his Revolutionaries stirred up with all his Class Envy and Class Hatred Speeches as he Bashes the So-Called Rich. And, he gives them their Marching Orders for Riots, and Protests and funds them With part of the so-called Stimulus Fund of over a trillion dollars which Obama and his Co-Conspirators use as a Democrat Slush Fund to fund elections, protests and to bail out State and Private Unions. And, soon, if the Democrats see that they are losing in all debates, Obama will have his Minions begin Riots and Protests of the sort that England is now dealing with as are many of the other Failed Socialist States of the European Union.

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