This Is How the Left Thinks Gun Control Actually Works

Dan Mitchell

Comment by Jim Campbell

Dan Mitchell is the best. Please visit his site at International Liberty.  He’s a genius and understands more about the Constitution, freedom, and the cause of tyranny than most constitutional lawyers. 

It is difficult for me to imagine the privilege and intellectual fire power this guy has to be able to work at the Cato institute. Check him out you will not be disappointed. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

The Cato Institute

International Liberty

While there are some statists who viscerally despise freedom and want ordinary citizens disarmed so that only the government has guns, most supporters of gun control presumably are motivated by a sincere desire to reduce crime and violence.

Their problem is a naive assumption that bad people will obey laws banning gun ownership and possession. Or a flawed assumption that the police can be everywhere.

And this is why this video is not only funny, but also a glimpse into the leftist mindset.

It was included in a comment on this post featuring a very funny cartoon,

but it definitely deserves more attention.

And if you like videos upholding the right to keep and bear arms, check out this heartwarming Christmas story.

Last but not least, this poster (click to enlarge) is quite effective.

Indeed, this post about the Fort Hood murders, featuring the superb analysis of John Lott, is must reading on the foolishness of so-called gun free zones.

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6 thoughts on “This Is How the Left Thinks Gun Control Actually Works

  1. I grew up watching Westerns on tv with my Dad. The script always had the good guy shooting it out with the bad guy and, of course, the good guy always won. Oh yes, the townsfolk always ran like the dickins to take cover during these gunfights–after all, a stray bullet could be quite deadly. See any differences or similarities here with today’s gun issues?

  2. That was very interesting and funny can you imagine that really working. We could use some sharia free zones signs too let’s see if that works. Or liberal free zones. Post them all over Washington and maybe something might get done.

  3. Most Leftists tend to be emotional types who think in collectivist terms (ie, DoubleplusGoodfthink, in Orwellian terms), so if there’s a regulation they think EVERYBODYy (even felons) will follow it religiously (their “religion,” of course beingt Secularism),

    Of course, Authoritarian types like to use the younger, more physically oriented Leftists as their cannon/street fodder. But those are the disposables (not that many radicals, from Bakunin andf Trotsky to Bill Ayres and Van Jones, don’t enjoy making a few bombs themselves). The Inner “Revolutionary” Core (like Authoritarians of all stripes) always lives in fear of some “redneck reactionary” blowing their brains out and overturning The Revolution by force of arms.

    Of course, this Ant-Guns For the Masses philosophy occasionally backfires against them when the rubber meets the road (Street Theater becoming street violence) because those of their disposable Street Fodder designated for violent acts invariably lack familiarity with weapons and are no serious match whatsoever for the police or military.

  4. Newt Gingrich the 2nd Amendment is an inaliable right stated by our forefathers because they knew if they had not had guns, the would not have been able to be free from England.

  5. This article brings to mind a new teeshirt, my son-in-law now wears, whenever my granddaughter’s little boyfriends visit. On the back of the shirt is says: “Guns don’t kill people-Dad’s with pretty daughters do”. Amazingly, the boys do come back to visit and NEVER give my granddaughter one moment of grief.

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