While we wait for the Supreme Court here is the way to end the debate on “health care” once and for all

By Jim Campbell


In the modern political arena, we are provided a myriad of false choices from which to choose, while our supposedly elected representatives skillfully and purposefully obfuscate and maneuver around real, permanent solutions.
This is because the vast majority of the power and influence today’s ruling elite enjoy across the Western world is derived precisely because of perpetual, seemingly unsolvable problems. In many cases, these “problems” are manufactured by the very people proposing solutions to solve them.

The healthcare debate is another problem capable of being permanently solved, but allowed to purposefully drag on to maintain an entire industry built upon exploiting the desperation of the sick and injured.

 US Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan,  has  accurately diagnosed both the problem and the real solution facing America and how it treats its sick and injured. Rogers correctly states that the solution is innovation, private enterprise, and individuals.

Innovation to Increase Supply Beyond Demand

The basic principle behind supply and demand is that the more readily available any given good or service is, the lower the price to purchase it. There are different strategies that can be used to lower the price, but essentially it requires making a good or service cheaper to produce or perform and increasing its supply verses a particular level of demand.

So how exactly do we end the healthcare debate “forever?”

Education.  The solution, in the context of supply and demand, is very simple. Increase the number of people involved in both providing healthcare services as well as designing, developing, and manufacturing biomedical technology.

America’s sabotaged education system would be the first place to start. Healthcare is currently expensive because of a limited number of qualified students that can study medicine, fewer who can afford to study it, and similar exclusivity in regards to enterprises developing modern medical technology.

Raising the overall competence of students increases the number of potential eligible medical students. This demand forces medical schools to expand their capacity and perhaps even developing new curriculum to allow such expansion to move vertically as well as horizontally.

Smaller medical colleges and schools could be set up beyond main campuses, and as the pool of qualified medical practitioners and instructors increases, the price required for their services would drop – along with tuition…
Virtually all of this is covered in the Republican Health Care Plan that was never brought to the floor of the House of Representatives because Nancy Pelosi had her hands on the speaker’s gavel.
Thus, through bribes, arm twisting and closed door meetings we ended up with Obama Care.  ObamaCare, clearly a misnomer as it doesn’t seek to provide care, but solve a manufactured problem, a “crisis,” if you will to insure health care denial for all.
So there you have it my friends, socialism in a basket……shared misery for all.  We are now left to the whims of the Supreme Court, 9 people one in Justice Kagan who has an agenda that will determine liberty and justice for all.


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3 thoughts on “While we wait for the Supreme Court here is the way to end the debate on “health care” once and for all

  1. The deathcare bill was written by marxists. To save the medical industry we should have health insurance available from state to state. Just like you must have care insurance, all must have health insurance. Cheap programs for the people that can’t afford much, but always run to the emergency room. High end for those that want that. Keep the government out of it totally, that will ruin it for sure. States should monitor this if that is necessary. To me deathcare is about just that death, killing the elderly sooner and making drugs unavailable to many for population control. The government is very sick with this policy and the stuff in it is just plain evil and no privacy is left to anyone.

  2. Sharon…the drugs will always be available as they are the number one killer! More deaths happen due to pharmaceuticals given in a hospital setting than by anything else. Though I can also see that proper treatment or no treatment being given to the elderly because of their age could be applied.

  3. One thing that MUST be done is this…Teachers now have to re-qualify, so should Doctors and Lawyers! That would decrease the malpractice suits, thus reducing insurance cost that doctors/hospitals pay, thus reducing costs to patients, thus reducing health care costs!… so simple a caveman could do it!
    side tangent: teaching to pass tests is a failure (no child left behind), and must be stopped so the cream can rise to the top.

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