Farrakhan Unleashed: Obama Will Be Assassinated by ‘Hardcore Racists’

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

Make no mistake about it.  The U.S. voters and most of the world is under attack using the exact techniques proposed by Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals.”

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According to Andrew Breitbart, Alinsky was a very smart man, a patient man and understood the subtleness required to demonize, marginalize, using class warfare and and race baiting as part of the bag of tricks we are seeing in America today. 

To defeat the enemy we must know the enemy.  It would seem like much needed reading to those of us wanting to thwart the progressive/socialist/Marxist run toward tyranny.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message

World Farrakhan Unleashed: Obama Will Be Assassinated by ‘Hardcore Racists, Tea Party Zealots’ in His Second Term (PLUS: They Have Already Found the Muslim to Do It!)

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The unhinged mind of Calypso Louie

P.S. It seem reasonable to give this fool a heads up, Obama will not be serving a second term in the oval office.  He will be kicked to the curb by a far better educated electorate.  As the saying goes, “All politics are local,” and you can’t get much more local that a wallet filled with green that won’t purchase what it did before Team Obama began their reign of terror on the world. 

Like the Indonesian Dog Eater Obama, Calypso has found a day job and free eats.

This is Part III in a day-long series on Louis Farrakhan’s 2012 Address to his Nation of Islam followers.

According to the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan:

  • The southern ‘Red States’ are the same as the Confederate States in the Civil War;
  • If you did not vote for Obama, “you didn‘t want a black man’ as president;
  • “Climate for his assassination” is the same in the South now as it was when Lincoln was president;
  • “Hardcore racists, the Tea Party zealots and the Republicajons” are planning Obama’s assassination;
  • Republicans “want a Muslim to kill President Obama” … and they “already have somebody in mind that they working on.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan’s recent Saviours’ Day Convention address, given to a packed United Center in Chicago this past February, carried with it some gruesome predictions about our president’s second term fate.

Farrakhan began by illustrating the geographical similarities between the “Red State” South and the Confederate South. (Below)

“This was the South at the time when they seceded from the Union because of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War was on. This is it when Obama got elected, see this, all the blue states. That’s the North, Northeast? Obama lost everything in the South but Florida. What does that tell you? If they voted for McCain, you see, they didn’t want a black man.”

Farrakhan Unleashed: Obama Will Be Assassinated by Hardcore Racists, Tea Party Zealots in His Second Term (PLUS: They Have Already Found the Muslim to Do It!)

Farrakhan went on to compare the political differences of those in the “Red States” to the “hatred” that led to Lincoln’s assassination.

“Now the anger of the South – the Red States – against Obama is the same anger is the same anger the southerners had with President Lincoln. And this hatred ultimately combined with Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which led to his assassination. The negative atmosphere and hatred against President Obama has created a climate for his assassination.”

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4 thoughts on “Farrakhan Unleashed: Obama Will Be Assassinated by ‘Hardcore Racists’

  1. Amerika’s march towards Communism by the Barack Obama administration. “We shall move “Forward” and be “Flexible” while bringing Re-Distribution and “collective” empowerment to the people. What a full blown crock of you know what! The Obama regime has gone from Hope and Change to “Forward and Flexible”!



    Forward video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/l_z_pHUKajc

  2. Obama will not have a second term and there will be a false-flag (faked) assassination not too long from now.

  3. I think Obama will not win a 2nd term. I think a Repubican even if it is Romney, will win this November.

  4. This man is totally insane. Even listening to him makes me hurl. If Obama is in any danger it is because this ass incited it to happen. Come November Obama will have no worries – he will be home and not assaulting Americans any more.

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