Will the last honest democrat standing please turn off the lights? Warren’s law degree is last among Harvard’s elite staff

Washington Examiner

Paul Bedard

Commentary by Jim Campbell. Citizen Journalist
It’s a safe bet that voters U.S. voters who are among the ideologues from both parties want to rid the congress of the liars and thieves that look out for their own personal interests ahead of their constituents.  Does the U.S. Senate need another liar in the upcoming elections.  She proved herself adroit at using the laws put in place to create quotas allegedly helping targeted groups to circumvent those whose shot at medical schools and law schools were lost to less qualified applicants.  
Warren is the worst example of cashing in on her 1/32% of Cherokee Indian lineage in recent years, her standing among Harvard Professors tells the tale.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is under fire for claiming minority status during her career climb. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
Embattled Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren graduated from the lowest ranked law school of all Harvard Law School professors–and nearly all Ivy League law professors–shedding further light on the importance her claim to be Native American was to advancing her career.

After Harvard hired the aspiring law professor, they noted that she was the first-ever minority woman due to her 1/32nd Cherokee lineage. The claim, not something she has ever touted publicly before, surfaced last week and has been dogging her campaign ever since.

That “box checking,” as critics call it, likely played a role in her Harvard hiring especially when her background is compared to those of the other near-100 Harvard Law School professors and assistant professors, according to an analysis of law schools the professors attended. Most graduated from Harvard, and all from the nation’s top 10. Warren graduated from Rutgers University in Newark, ranked 82nd by Top-Law-Schools.com.

What’s more, only Rutgers has current law school professors who graduated from Rutgers. And in the analysis of the law school degrees of the roughly 350 Ivy League law school professors provided by a Warren critic, only one graduated from a lower-ranked law school than Warren, a Yale professor who attended the University of Nebraska Law School, ranked 89.

While it is largely viewed as admirable that universities consider diversity in their staffs and new students, Warren’s minority status has come under attack by minority groups who consider it cheating. A group of minority legal institutions, for example, just last year passed a resolution decrying “box checking” by people who claim to be Native-American but who have no legal status or membership in tribes.

Her claim has since been erased from legal directories, though she told the Boston Herald that she is proud of her roots dating back to a great-great-great grandmother.

The issue, mocked in some media, could hurt her chances in Massachusetts where she is in a dead heat with Republican Sen. Scott Brown, especially among blue collar independents who frown on career cheating.

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3 thoughts on “Will the last honest democrat standing please turn off the lights? Warren’s law degree is last among Harvard’s elite staff

  1. 1/32% CHORKEY = 100% Stupid White Liberal Woman.

  2. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign song:

  3. It[‘s become more and more obvious, over time, that the only way any “democrat” cans succeed, at anything, is by cheating!

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