Ode to Elizabeth Warren another lying Democrat who claimed minority status to benefit her entrance in to law school-Thank you Cher

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist.

Not knowing or having sense enough to let go of the 1/32nd Cherokee status, Elizabeth Warren is doubling down, in doing so she’s starting to sound like John Edwards in a skirt.

She differs from most democrats not one bit.  They tend to cock-up delusions and stick with them until like most of their failed programs that crash and burn.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Of course this is lost among the media she’s a democrat.

@Ann at  althouse

The question we should be asking Elizabeth Warren.

I said it buried in a long post yesterday, but I want to highlight this, because there are so many angles to this story, and I’m afraid this one is being overlooked:

Now, I assume that Professor Warren supports affirmative action within the law schools where she has worked. Ask her about it! Does she vote in favor of admissions policies that count race as a plus factor? Has she supported faculty appointments, choosing one person over another, with race as a factor? I’d be extremely surprised if she hasn’t. Assuming she has, why is she acting outraged that anyone would say that it seems that it benefited her and that she sought that benefit?

Don’t you support affirmative action in hiring (as well as in law school admissions)?

Follow up questions: Do you think it is acceptable and even good to offer a job to a less-well-qualified applicant if that person is a member of a traditionally discriminated-against minority group? On what basis is it acceptable to make race a “plus factor” in hiring decisions? If it is “diversity,” what exactly is this diversity that justifies affirmative action? Is it what the Supreme Court said in Grutter, or is it something else? Is it about a quantum of genetic inheritance or does it have something to do with whether the candidate has faced some form of disadvantage in life because of racial discrimination? Would your support for affirmative action extend to cases where the job candidate has at most one Native American great-great-great-grandparent? Explain.

(Ironically, what I really need to do right now is write a Constitutional Law exam, which this post is beginning to sound like.)

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10 thoughts on “Ode to Elizabeth Warren another lying Democrat who claimed minority status to benefit her entrance in to law school-Thank you Cher

  1. Big Squwa, ” Squatting Volt”

  2. Being a 1/132 NDN myslef, I make no claim of being in the minority even though I do consider my self a Native American because and ONLY because I was born here in the United States of America.

    I may not be of the Cherokee as are most claimers but I can trace my family lineage to both the Sauk and Ojibwa White Earth Clan of the First Nations. None of my family although proud of our heritage make any claims of “special treatment’ by the government. We are secure in our own skins apparently not like people who rightly or wrongly run around claiming to be descendants of the First Nations status. Some of us, even have Latino / NDN blood coursing through our veins but we don’t celebrate ‘Stinko de Mayonnaise’ as we are Americans first and always.

  3. not myslef. Where is the edit buttoninski?

  4. Its amazing what ppl will do to get in the limelight.. lol

  5. @Vowel_Movement…

    Don’t worry…I haven’t seen the “Spelling Police” around here for a while….LOL!…the rest of us will accept your spelling faux Pas without passing judgement. :)

  6. I could care less if the is Indian, Chinese, lesbian, Catholic, Korean or Kenyan…..if she’s a demoncrat, I do not trust her nor do I like her. She represents everything this nation IS NOT.

  7. Make me wonder, given what we now know about TeamO and its merry band of liars and con artists and shakedown goons, if ANY part of this administration is real, or the people connected to it either career-wise or ideologically. Just amazing.

  8. Excuse my horrid grammar: “MakeS me wonder…” yipes.

  9. Affirmative action is to guarantee that opportunity is protected but using a quota system contradicts merit and creates reverse discrimination .

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