The enemy within soon to be without

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

These recalcitrant reprobates have been around long enough. It’s incumbent upon the U.S. voter to make sure they are dispatched with extreme prejudice during the November elections.

They want our weapons?  I say bring it on…..In the bubble in which they live, they breathe their own fetid breath and have a clue with whom they are dealing.

The number of registered weapons in the U.S. far exceeds the ability of any organization to confiscate them. 

Yes, the reader is now receiving credible reports that Homeland insecurity is preparing for the inevitable with FEMA Camps and the entire conspiracy theories that have been put forth the past couple year.

This we know, HLS has been buying up ammunition in the order of hundreds of millions of rounds, along with weapons.  Bring it on Janet off the planet. You start a revolution and you will quickly find the cleansing effect upon those you deemed untouchable. 

These fools are making a big mistake believing the Military will attack innocent civilians.  It won’t happen.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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5 thoughts on “The enemy within soon to be without

  1. With the new military with Obama and Panetta running it, we are becoming the French Foreign Legion which allows thugs, foreign-non-citizens, muslims, communists and other assorted thugs and subversives to be part of the military, so I am not so sure that this US Foreign Legion would not attack us.

  2. Obama better make sure he knows what he is asking of the PPL of American in trying to take there guns .. this wont be no Civil War.. the gun people know what they will have to do to win and they will do it.. Obama has failed in everthing he has tried and he would in this to.. yes Obama didnt get Osama.. the boys did…

  3. I would love to agree with you but yesterday posted an article stating the the military is learning how to run internment camps (FEMA?). Now why would that be happening. Not going to put muslims people in there right?? So the military may be having a change or heart of this issue. Also cadets are learning everything Islam, including praying etc makes me very ill. But there are being indoctranated to everything Islam. so what do you think this is all about??

  4. Another great piece JC
    What worries me isn’t so much our Patriotic American Soldiers, but what Obama and his administration is transforming our Military into, and the latest fiasco and embarrassment that we witnessed with the secret service may be a sign of things to come. Never in my adult life have I seen such a total disregard for authority and honor amongst our Secret Service Agents as we witnessed here these past few weeks…The Liberals have taken out the moral fibers that once held our service members in check to uphold and Honor with integrity our armed services, by allowing certain practices within it to further create an atmosphere of contempt and division towards one another…These Secret Service members not only were derelict of their duties, but they dishonored their service as well, they even made such remarks of, we work for Obama, it’s OK, that is not good at all and it’s created by a moral decay within their ranks. Look, men will be men, work hard play hard, I get it, but they have an obligation to the President regardless if he is even worth such that honor and privileged. I’m worried about how watered down our Armed Forces are becoming and proof of that is and has been leaking out since Obama’s second year by the actions of just not the few, but the many…Hopefully it is just the President himself who is drawing so much contempt, I hope so, but it’s not looking good at all?

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