California jobs report send voters away from Feinstein

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

California’s April  jobs report shows exactly why the state continues to struggle.  The continued lack of leadership shown by Senator Diane Feinstein has only made the problem worse.

The fact that 12 million Americans, and 2 million Californians, are still out of work is a chilling reminder that Democrats like Dianne Feinstein are willing to stand on the sidelines and complain about the past rather than roll up their sleeves and get to work themselves on providing a sustainable future for California families.

“California’s Central Valley is languishing in unemployment approaching 20 percent, and few Central Valley resident’s can remember the last time they heard or saw Dianne Feinstein address their plight or offer a sensible solution.

Join Elizabeth Here

Perhaps it’s Feinstein’s dreadful decision on the delta smelt in which she chose her donors from the environmental movement over jobs and the economy for California.

The threats of more taxes, more regulations, ObamaCare and high gas prices have kept small businesses from hiring.

Students want to work, but the uncertainty of the Democrats’ failed economic agenda gives them little opportunity. Women want to work, but the weakest recovery in American history is providing them no room to show their skills or fulfill their promise.

Feinstein talks to a small group of voters and plays the blame the rich game following her leader, President Barack Hussein Obama.  Californian’s can no longer have a follower as their U. S.  Senator.  They will be voting for the proven leadership of Elizabeth on June 5th then onward to November to send the 78 year-old, “Too Wrong” for “Too Long” senator home.  

It’s Senator’s Feinstein’s policies on taxing and spending that have made California the highest taxed state in the nation.

Elizabeth served in management, financial analysis, and corporate operations at IBM. As an efficiency and cost cutting expert, Elizabeth utilized activity-based cost analyses to identify administrative savings across IBM U.S. – helping streamline operations, eliminate waste, and save the company millions of dollars.

She graduated from UCLA in 1984 with degrees in Economics and Political Science. Her studies included course work at Cambridge University, where she focused on political and economic issues in China and the Middle East.

According to Elizabeth Emken who will challenge Feinstein in November, “California voters can help by sending me to the United States Senate. Republican members of Congress have given Dianne Feinstein and her fellow Senate Democrats plenty of opportunity to encourage small businesses and empower job creators but have been ignored. They need a partner in progress and I’m ready to serve.”

Elizabeth Emken, is the endorsed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in California.

One thought on “California jobs report send voters away from Feinstein

  1. Blacks get preferential treatment and get jobs that they may or may not qualify for, and then when they cannot perform, and you fire them, then you are racist. They fail to mention that they did not or would not do their jobs. But, of course, if they are hired withing the government under entitlment programs such as Quotas and Racial Preferences, no matter how wortless and lazy they are, you cannot fire them without an act of congress. That is why the U.S. government is so worthless now. Not only is the federal government too big now, the federal government is top heavy with the hiring of blacks and other so-called minorities, and under the Obama Regime, the Federal Bureaucracy has added over 300,000 newly created jobs that were not and are not needed, but it was a way of further expanding the size of the federal government and about 200,000 of these newly created Non-Jobs are held by blacks. Just another Middle Class Welfare Program working for the Feds doing a job that should not even exist, so it does not matter if you do not do it. Blacks are about 25 or 30 percent of the population but in Federal Government Hiring, they make up about 67 percent of the federal work force? Whatever happened to so-called Fairness and Equal Rights. Blacks do not want equal rights, for the most part, they want Special Rights and Preferential Treatment, and that is what our country has become and they are getting what they want, and that, to a large degree, is why the USA is now fiscally and morally bankrupt.

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