Diane Feinstein: Tilting at windmills and ObamaCare for “Too Long”

Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

Before we get into the lemming like behavior of Diane Feinstein, the follower of President Obama, and rarely a leader; the reader will enjoy the WSJ’s take, The Monster That Ate Congress . Apparently Dianne Quixote would prefer tilting at windmills than facing reality.  That’s why California voters will send her home perhaps a consultant to a Chinese wind mill company as a paid lobbyist.  Of course frequently out of touch and behind she would not be aware of the recent findings that Wind farms make climate change WORSE: Turbines actually heat up local areas. 

  • Air temperatures around four of the world’s largest wind farms have increased by 0.72C in a decade
  • Earth’s average temperature has risen by 0.8C since 1900

The 78-year old senator is tired and incapable of keeping in touch with the rapidity of change in the current century.  As she runs for a fifth term is there any doubt California’s voters will have awakened from their 4 term slumber and send Feinstein packing?

None at all.  For the first time in her entire career she will be facing the fight of her live with Elizabeth Emken, who served in management, financial analysis, and corporate operations at IBM. As an efficiency and cost cutting expert, Elizabeth utilized activity-based cost analyses to identify administrative savings across IBM U.S., helping streamline operations, eliminate waste, and save the company millions of dollars.  

Elizabeth graduated from UCLA in 1984 with degrees in Economics and Political Science. Her studies included course work at Cambridge University, where she focused on political and economic issues in China and the Middle East. She is far better suited for the challenges to be faced during her tenure as a U.S. Senator once you help win the June 5th primary in California and then on forward to November 6th where she will be leaving Mrs Feinstein with a message; phone U-Haul and even provide her with the number.


“I voted in support of this bill because I believe it remains our best chance at reforming our broken health care system. With this bill, health care transitions from a privilege to a right for all Americans.” (Press release, “Statement of Senator Feinstein on U.S. Senate Passage of Landmark Health Care Reform Bill,” Office of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 12/24/09)

Once again showing that she remains out of touch and seemingly confused Feinstein tells us Justice Kagan would recuse herself from health care deliberations in the Supreme Court then contradicts herself by saying that Justice Kagan will be impartial and able to make the decision based on the law.  Which is it senator?

She told the Los Angeles Times

Although Democrats promised greater consumer protection, the overhaul does not give the federal government broad regulatory power to prevent increases. . . . “It is a very big loophole in health reform,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said. Feinstein and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) are pushing legislation to expand federal and state authority to prevent insurance companies from boosting rates excessively. ( There she goes again pushing for a bigger government, when less government and the private sector will  the answer..

See the Republican Plan Here


GALLUP: GOP VOTERS THINK OBAMACARE MANDATE OVERWHELMINGLY “UNCONSTITUTIONAL”—DEMOCRATS AGREE: “Americans overwhelmingly believe the ‘individual mandate,’ as it is often called, is unconstitutional, by a margin of 72% to 20%. Even a majority of Democrats, and a majority of those who think the healthcare law is a good thing, believe that provision is unconstitutional.” (“Poll: Americans Divided on Repeal of 2010 Healthcare Law,” Gallup, 2/27/12)

SHE JUST SAID WHAT? “I will vote down any amendment no matter how good it appears to be?”

RASMUSSEN: 56% FAVOR REPEAL OF HEALTH CARE LAW: “The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the national health care law next week, and the number of voters who Strongly Support the law’s repeal is now at an eight-month high. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters shows that 56% at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care law, including 46% who Strongly Favor it.” (Poll: “56% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law,” Rasmussen Reports, 3/19/12)

(More below)

ABC NEWS/WASHINGTON POST POLL: MOST AMERICANS WANT SUPREME COURT TO TOSS OUT MOST, IF NOT ALL, OF OBAMACARE: “In a basic assessment, 41 percent of Americans support the health-care law, while 52 percent are opposed … More than four in 10 — 42 percent — want the high court to throw out the entire law, 25 percent want to do away with the mandate alone and a similar proportion wants the justices to uphold the entire law.” (Scott Clement, “Toss individual health insurance mandate, poll says,” Washington Post, 3/19/12)

AP POLL: OBAMACARE “STILL UNPOPULAR”: “The poll found that 35 percent of Americans support the health care law overhaul, while 47 percent oppose it. That’s about the same split as when it passed. Then, 39 percent supported it and 50 percent opposed it.” (“Poll: Obama’s Health Overhaul Still Unpopular, But Fewer Expect Own Care to Worsen,” Associated Press, 3/8/2012)

NEW STUDY: OBAMACARE COST HOUSE DEMS HEAVILY LAST CYCLE: “Voting for President Obama’s healthcare reform law cost Democratic incumbents to lose 5.8 percentage points of support at the polls in 2010, according to a new study in the journal American Politics Research… Democrats in the lead-up to the elections took a number of tough votes – notably on the Wall Street bail-out, the stimulus and cap-and-trade – but none were as unpopular as their support for the health reform law.” (Julian Pecquet, “Study quantifies health reform vote’s ‘significant’ toll on 2010 House Democrats,” The Hill’s Healthwatch Blog, 3/8/12)

USA TODAY POLL: 50% SAY GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE TAKEOVER WAS “A BAD THING,” ONLY 42% SAY A GOOD THING: (Susan Page, “Swing States Poll: Health Care Law Hurts Obama in 2012,” USA Today, 2/27/2012)

There is even greater opposition today as America waits for the decision of the Supreme Court.

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  1. I so pray we are making a difference!!

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