Muslim Sex Rock and Roll Hucchie Coo

Comment by Jim Campbell

Sign up now at a mosque near you.

Islam is a cult that developed from the raving of a Seventh Century Madman, Mohammad. ( which in English translates into “Mad Man” )

Debate exist about the existence of so-called moderate Muslims.  The entire concept is a joke. According to the Qur’an  there is but one law, the will of Allah.

Islam is the cult of death.  Where Islam prevails freedom, and individual liberty vanish.  Islam is an entire lifestyle, that Muslims in the third world were hijacked by the evils of Islam and Sharia.

No problem with sex slaves

Want to end the sickness of inbreeding, pedophilia, child marriage, female genital mutilation, stoning of for the most part women for trumped-up alleged crimes.  Do a one-eighty and submit all men to the exact torture the bring upon women.  Say Goodbye Islam hello Bible. 

Islam is a metastatic tumor that burns through western Europe and most of the underdeveloped world.  It is making head way in the U.S. only because the liberal leadership and the Muslim president pay it no mind.

Homosexuality is forbidden. However, an older man may take a young boy and have sex with him as he chooses. As long is he return the boy back home before he turns 18, the older is not the homosexual, the young man is hanged or burned to death.

So much for the “religion of peace and love”

In reverse Sharia it would go down this way and Muslim “men” would love it.

When we get serious, those that refuse to assimilate, may be asked to leave the country and take their ACLU lawyers with them.

It’s been quite awhile since we have had a good game of  cowboys and rug flying rag heads hasn’t it? 

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9 thoughts on “Muslim Sex Rock and Roll Hucchie Coo

  1. In my mind, I dont give a rats ass if Obama is a genuine, koran reading muslim or just an advocate of their sicknesses and entitlements to worship anywhere, anytime as they please, he needs to get his ass out of our oval office and OUT of our country! He needs to stop bleeding the American taxpayer with his “gifts” to his pals and foreigners that are not our allies., and his luxurious vacations, huge banquets for his people, and using his daughters to portray what a good man and father he is. Maybe he can allow one of them to marry some 70 year old muslim man, but wait..their a little old for the perverted muslim geezers now.Hey, maybe moochie can have another baby to have an American citizen in her family and offer it up to the muslims as a peace offering instead of OUR money!

  2. Just more reasons that muslims in America can’t mix. These people are sick pigs and they won’t last long if trying all this evil crap in the USA>

  3. Whoever the bloger is,is a plain idiot,ignorant pure american tv brain washed imbecile whos mind should be erased for his and the safety of those small minded imbeciles who surported him….am a christian who lived in the middle east for seven years en i never saw what nonsense u write happen if it ever did happen then it ws a peoples culture not islam teaching islam condones,not neither accepts some of this what u write for clarification do ur research en read the “madina constitution” written by the prophet himself….stop rumour moggering… Americans have sunk to the lowest pits of mediocrity shame en poor u, the world is changin and you are not

    • I would suggest you begin by reading the Qur’an, hediths and suras then take a look at this site.

      The Dangers of Allah

      Because you never saw anything, is perhaps because you lived in a country not governed by Sharia law. Alternatively you worked for an oil company and lived within a compound like ARAMCO. In any even’t know that I am willing to debate this topic with you any time and any place.

      It’s easy to hide behind your keyboard. I have your ISP, I can track you like the bug you are. I shall not hold my breath waiting for your reply as those of your ilk who chose to fire before aiming remain nothing but inflight entertainment her for serious readers. Up for the challenge? Didn’t think so..I’m J.C. and I run this site.

  4. I wonder what you are trying to accomplish here prove your stupidity or superiority over matters u clearly dont know listen to me buddy en listen real good just cause you have a computer doesnt mean you are smart i’d rather you donated it to some smarter kids in Africa,Asia or latin america who will use it to prove how stupid you are,you are a shame en disgrace to the civilised world clearly where you dont belong,i suggest you take a hike to the tibetians moutains en practise an ancient tradition of takeing a vow of silence for the rest of your life you disgust me….and @regina keep obamas daughters out of it just cause their dad is bad they are not am shocked you are a mindless lady who has followed our brain dead blogger’s path,you even hint his daughters to be offered to 70yr old men jeez,u sick bitch why dnt u learn to think before u speak first ohhh what filth you are

  5. @jc buddy i never worked at ARAMCO neither any of those compounds you mention and secondly i live in a country where their are muslims oky….and the sex slave you mentioned was a habit of Arabs whom were not necessarily muslims some doubled in occultism similar to what you would find some christians do,since we know of christians who are into occultisim does it mean all christians should be labeled so,definately so sorry for my outburst but i get annoyed from ignorant views as we dont solve problems we increase them jc…i would suggest you travel and see a diffrent side of the world ave been to pakistan,egypt,iran,dubai,bharain and somali and i met goooood muslims who will tell you that its not what you see on tv that they are thanks,cnn all this loopsided reporting..jc i urge you take a walk outside and dont make take judgement from what your see and read……dont mistake CULTURE and RELIGION and to prove my point am a christian dating a beautiful muslim lady mature and very smart….oky jc am not your enemy just angry at the ignorance i saw here…find peace within thanks.

    • Indeed Matdweon, not enemies, this is not my site on Islam can you possibly deny the articles, and horrific beheading and stonings at the behest of Sharia? You have to be serious about Iran, Pakistan, and now Egypt…please visit my site, Dangers of Allah, you can google it, I provided the link before. P.S. where did you live? I’m betting as I said before in a nonsectarian part of the middle east which do to the bumbling of Obama has become seriously sectarian. Enjoy talking with you Amigo, J.C.

  6. @dancingczar..i do agree with you one thing that fanatics in islam exist but so do they in christianity but when i was in this countries something amazing happened when we sat down a group of young minds en shared they saw a diffrent side of us en we inturn saw a diffrent side of them…u see most of the negative stuff on islam and is designed and propagated by radical islamist who use it to lie to young islamic students at “madrasa” that see what infidel write about us…dude its fake just a gimmick to brain wash younger minds…just as was the case in ireland catholics en protestants each traded about each other its simply a case of selfish people who fear that they are looseing ground in their quest of controling people…religion survives on controling peoples minds so do goverments but once people break free they panic and use all means of underhand tactics to get them back…..thats how these sick people have all of us twisted…..hows that amigos

  7. These things most definitely DO happen. I have done 3 tours in Afghanistan and it definitely happens there. We use to joke about “man love thursday” when you would see young boys with eye liner on wearing a burka and such. It was sickening. Any chance I had to be extremely hateful to these old pedophilic geezers I took it. I have seen young boys being led away by a friggin gang of old men…I nearly broke down with compassion for the child and there was nothing we could do as these were our “allies”. Made me wonder why we were there in the first place if not to liberate these people from this oppression. I never hated a group lf people in my life until I went there. I now hate muslims period! I don’t care what your argument is. I have seen it first hand and if it is ok within there so called “holy” book then I don’t care if some don’t practices it…they are just as guilty in my opinion. If any of those freaks get around my boys I will have a gun ready for them. I will spen the rest of my days fighting the nation of Islam.

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