Gaffe-O-Matic: Biden Calls Mitt ‘President Romney’


Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist.

Think about it,  people became apoplectic at the thought of Sarah Palin being a “Heart Beat Away.”  This fool need to pack up all of the shoes that he isn’t wearing inside his mouth and move silently out of dodge.

Think about it, “Had Sarah Palin run head to head against Obama would the world be a safer place?”  An article I wrote will writing for the National Examiner.


See Video Here

Knock, Knock, anybody home?

She would have been respected by our allies, the deficit would not have ballooned, a the former Governor of Alaska she brings more experience to the table that the guy liberals, the media and fools put in the oval office.  Obama lacks the training to work behind the counter at Baskin Robbins.

Sarah Palin need no introduction, she’s a success pure and simple.

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5 thoughts on “Gaffe-O-Matic: Biden Calls Mitt ‘President Romney’

  1. Who cares what you call it? Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Tri Lateral Commission, etc. What does matter is that as a matter of fact, the USA is ceding our sovereignty to the United Nations, a United Nations that can Veto anything the USA wants to do, and UN that will tell U.S. Citizens what our gun rights are, how we raise our children and a whole lot of other crap. That is the bottom line, and it has been in the works for decades by both of the bogus political parties which we allowed to subvert the constitution as they padded their own damned pockets with gifts from lobbyists and others that they sold us out to. If Americans do not get off their asses and find out what is going on in this country for far too long, we will lose our sovereignty as a nation, and the only way any of us will have a way to fight it is in the streets. I would like to see Americans wake Up and Elect somebody such Ron Paul and other True Patriots who have been warning us about what this government is really about these days.

  2. Paul went with Hillary on the UN small arms Deal

    • The vast majority of conservative Americans are well educated and hard working citizens, and many of these start militias and participate as thier patriotic duty. About the only time you find a lunatic in any of these groups, the so-called Lunatic turns out to be an agent from the FBI, ATF or some other Fascistic Federal Alphabet Soup Agency who comes into these groups and Suggests and Encorages some outrageous and illegal act. If any of you have a decent bunch of citizens being encouraged by some new comer to do something, stupid, radical or illegal, Call the Police and turn the Federal Official over to your own loca authorities and expose these Fascistic Bastards. And let the Locals Deal with Bastard like any other Terrorist or Criminal at the Local Level and not allow the DOJ to come in and rescue the conspiratorial bastard. Use Local and State Laws against the person and prosecute them for conspiracy to commit crimes, and let the DOJ bitch all they want, but hold these damned Under Cover Federal Set Up Artists accountable for their illegal activities. If every local and state government would do their jobs, these Federal Officers who infiltrate and Set People Up and suggest committing crimes would be held accountable at the local and state level, and maybe the Fascistic Federal Government would stop trying to Create Criminals and Focus on Real Criminals and Terrorists.

  3. LOL! I don’t know what he sees from his porch! Obama’s albatross….

  4. Some of the things Pauls does dont make sense and why is he still running..anyone would think Paul would be tired out… poor old man

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