Congressman Demands TSA Head Resign

by William Bigelow

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

This is far much more than the congressman not wanting to have his junk touched, he points out the ineptness of the organization.

The entire group of thieves, former criminals, current thieves could easily be done away with, forming a private operation while at the same time providing those returning from the wars in the sand to come home to a well-paying job. Jobs would also be available for veterans currently unable to find work.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

A congressman from Georgia has sent a letter today demanding the resignation of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator John Pistole. Rep. Paul Broun, M.D. (R-GA), who serves on the House Committee on Homeland Security, had already sent a letter in November of 2011 because of his concerns, as his current letter relates: “I last contacted you in November of 2011 in response to a news report featured on WSB-TV, Atlanta’s local ABC affiliate, which detailed potentially lax security standards at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.”
Broun’s letter today tells Pistole that “over-the-top behavior” by TSA agents has become routine:

“Unfortunately, numerous other allegations have since surfaced across the country which indicate that a number of TSA agents lack either proper training or simple professionalism when dealing with airline passengers.  Even worse, recent news reports have even alleged outright corruption within TSA’s ranks. It is clear that the TSA has become nothing more than a bloated, broken bureaucracy which uses its extensive power to violate traveling Americans’ civil liberties while doing little to ensure their safety.”

Broun then cites various examples of TSA malfeasance: a TSA agent in Wichita, Kansas patting down a frightened four-year old girl after she hugged her grandmother; TSA workers in San Diego invasively patting down a 95-year old, wheelchair-bound Air Force veteran and his 85-year old female companion, during which they also allegedly stole $300 in cash from his possessions; a TSA agent in Kauai, Hawaii forcing a nursing mother to openly demonstrate her breast milk pump in a restroom to prove that it was real; a woman in Dallas-Fort Worth being forced to walk through the full-body scanner three times, while they remarked on her “cute figure”; and the indictment of two current and two former TSA agents in Los Angeles on charges that they took bribes to allow narcotics to pass through security checkpoints.

Asserting that TSA has yet to catch a single terrorist, Broun states:

“Although SPOT has resulted in hundreds of innocent Americans being forced to submit to invasive, and sometimes humiliating, screening procedures, not one terrorist has been caught as a result of this costly program.  Americans can no longer tolerate the flagrant violations of their civil rights which are occurring at airports nationwide in the name of ‘security.’ More importantly, the corruption and continued lack of security among TSA’s own personnel puts our country at extreme risk of another terrorist attack. The time has come for serious action to be taken. As such, I request your immediate resignation from the position of TSA Administrator.”

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2 thoughts on “Congressman Demands TSA Head Resign

  1. He’s right and we need ot do some thing about this disgusting group of people. We shoudl alos have them all arrested for Sexual assault because they obviously ENJOY putting their hands down peopole’s britches and I’m sorry, I’m getting ready ot fly in July and I REFUSE TO GO THROUGH EITHER PROCEDURE! I’M THINKING OF TRAVELING WITH A LAWYER. SOUND WEIRD? I refuse to be messed with like this. i need to feel safe while traveling but not with some jerk’s hands down my britches or on my chest (I’d like to see what my HUSBAND’S REACTION would be to this? I don’t care if they are using the same gender (would that make me a lesbian? Only if I ENJOYED IT- AND I DON’T!) THESE PEOPLE BETTER KEEPTHEIR HANDS AND THEIR RADIATION TOVTHEMSELVES!

  2. TSA and Homeland Security are both insults and affronts to the dignity of law-abiding American citizens. While TSA’s heavy-handedness has mostly been an embarrassment or inconvenience to travelers; Homeland Security poses a much greater threat, a clear and present danger, to American citizens. Beginning with the Patriot Act and accentuated by the passage of NDAA and the signing of the executive order authorizing NDRP the current administration has endowed Homeland Security with unrestricted power to basically declare war on American citizens the agency sees fit to brand as homegrown terrorists. You could be marked as such by the HSA if you are:
    A ‘prepper’.
    An outspoken opponent of the Obama Administration or Big Government.
    In favor of a return to the gold standard.
    A gun owner.
    A member of a local militia.
    A veteran with special operations or explosives training.
    If you display ‘certain’ decals or flags (Culpeper Militia, Tea Party, etc.)

    These are only a few examples; the complete list is long and broad in scope. HSA has shared the list with the FBI and BATFE at the Federal level as well as your local and state police agencies.

    HSA ‘Special Agents’ are armed, sworn Federal law enforcement officers. Most do not have degrees in criminal justice or much if any formal police training. In fact a majority have high school diplomas or GEDs at best! They are not well screened with respect to possible physical or psychological defects. And they are among the lowest paid law enforcement personnel in the country. A number have already been exposed as having serious criminal histories and others have been shown to be psychologically unstable.

    But one thing is certain. They are ‘for real’ and I have no doubt they would use force, including deadly force, against fellow Americans if ordered to by their superiors or by Obozo should he declare martial law.

    HSA didn’t order 400+ million rounds of ammo recently just because the local Walmart was running a one-time, super-special deal on it!

    Just saying…
    Think about it.

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