What is the underlying relationship between George Clooney, fund raising and Barack Obama?

Deep Thoughts by Poet

First and foremost : It’s the bases of bureaucracy, the bastard stepchild of democracy and will be a by partisan foundation to raise taxes to unbearable levels and then offer trivial tax breaks to select voting blocks and the voter WILL THANK THEM.

As we see again that the Obama Media cast its Bait and everyone bites.  Now we are off subject and talking about Gay marriage, Mr. Obama and company are masters of minority organizing and as the saying goes “A toast to Wife’s and Lovers,may they never meet”

The Clooney Response to being gay

Today, Thursday Mr. Obama @ 5:30 lands in L.A, California for another Hollywood Fund raiser, Do you think he would do this if he had said he was Against Gay Marriage?

OMG when I look at him I get chills and thrills running up and down both of my legs.  He just excites me so.  There will probably be few donations, I don’t care I’m within the “Chosen One” stare.

One again he will create a humongous traffic tie up for California’s commuters. Does he care? Of course not, he believes he is their king.

Is it coincidence that a day after President Obama endorses same-sex marriage, he’s heading out to Hollywood for a $40,000-a-plate campaign fundraiser with George Clooney that’s expected to raise $15 million?

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6 thoughts on “What is the underlying relationship between George Clooney, fund raising and Barack Obama?

  1. Dear Mr Cloony
    I have no quarrel with you or your beliefs and I commend you on an Outstanding courier and you apparent concerns on Sudan .
    That said , I have no clue as to who you actually are ? While you star in some fine Flicks your actions off screen tell an odd story of there own , While you bundle Funds for a man who’s life’s purpose is to oppress a select group over another .
    You should have a seat poor yourself a stiff drink and read President Obama’s script and use your actors skills to annualize where you would have to take yourself to get into his character.
    Every year we see floods of people come to this Country ,ask yourself why ? then ask why those numbers have been in decline the last 3 years .
    Better still ask the President tonight.

  2. Tonight’s Rumranging party should be a thrilling “Hershey Bar” experience for the ‘Vaseline® ‘ HNIC. He should have a shirt eating grin on his face in the morrow.

    Oh did I say Vaseline? I meant vacillating. Samey same water Boo! Swapping partners at a gay bacchanalia requires copious amounts of both I am told.

  3. One last thing George , tonight ask if the president if he plans to pay France the ransom there asking for GM its Halftime in France too ,GM has 800,000 union employees their and Airbuss will be along shortly ,good thing Russia has s jet ready: oops

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  5. I usually enjoy reading these responses but the the spelling is atrocious. Typos are one thing, but everyone should be able to spell the simplest words and know which words need to be capitalized. Poet: Flicks – there own – poor yourself a drink – skills to annualize. Some of these words used don’t even have the intended meaning.

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