Hillary Clinton and the Left: Wars of Aggression Excused by a Complicit Media!


Commentary by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

Bill and Hillary Clinton the anti-warriors are the personification of B.S.  In the Bosnian war they made use of high altitude bombing, which in their minds would make it nearly impossible for a U.S. plane to be shot down.  However the accuracy of this type of bombing at that time caused countless innocent civilian lives on both sides.  Reminiscent of the old phrase  used during Vietnam, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

While the Left and their complicit media screamed bloody murder over the wars waged by George Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq they were oddly silent over the wars waged by Bill Clinton in the former Yugoslavia where he bombed the Christian Serbs four separate times, and are equally mute over the wars waged by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in Libya, Pakistan, and Afghanistan where they are using drones to kill their targets. 

It’s really quite simple you went to work for Obama rather than outing him as a Natural Born Kenyan.  You knew and you remained silent.

As is always the case with the Left there is one rule for the Left and another for the Right.  Why?  Because the media has abrogated it’s responsibility long ago and they do not give the same scrutiny to the Left that they give to the Right because they are in bed with them and the Left’s agenda is often their agenda. 

Not too worry Obama has a place for you!

In other words, the Left is no longer held accountable for their wars of aggression, that are usually waged completely without the consent of the Congress, as was Bill Clinton’s war on the Christian Serbs in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia in the 1990s culminating in the bombing of Serbia in 1999,  and now Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s wars in Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uganda and Yemen where they are using drones and conducting clandestine operations with impunity and without the consent of Congress.

The following is an article written by Victor Sharp, freelance writer for Frontpagemag.com, Townhall. com, Outpost, the Wall Street Journal, the London Daily Telegraph, Israel Alert, Jewish Review and other publications.  In the article Sharp takes a look at the bombing of Serbia and points to Hillary Clinton as being instrumental in the NATO bombing.  Sharp also points to Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice, using the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine financed by none other than George Soros, as being instrumental in the NATO bombing of Libya.

Meanwhile, the Left and their partners in the media are equally silent about the consequences of the NATO bombing of Libya where we allied with terrorist rebels who actually fought against us in Iraq and elsewhere, and silent about the drones being used and the clandestine operations conducted by Obama et al  in the aforementioned countries, all without the consent of Congress.  Just as they were previously silent when Bill Clinton bombed the Christian Serbs and never mentioned the atrocities committed against the Serbs by the KLA Muslim Albanian Mafia terrorist aggressors in Kosovo and the al Qaeda, Mujahedeen and Wahhabi terrorists in Bosnia and Croatia.

The Left conducting a foreign policy without the same scrutiny that the media gives to the Right has allowed the Left to get away with waging wars of aggression with impunity in countries that are not even an imminent threat to America.  And until we expose these reprehensible acts of aggression by the Left, these undeclared wars, we will never be able to conduct a rational foreign policy based on the values and principles held by America, and our founders before us, and with the consent of we the people as represented by those we put in Congress.

As posted in Arutz Sheva  7

Op-Ed: HIllary’s War

Published: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 9:18 AM
Is Hillary so naïve as not to realize that these are not Libyan rebels in the true sense of the word?

Let us first look back to the bombing of Serbia by President Clinton and who was most instrumental in encouraging him.

According to Dean Murphy in the New York Times of October 2000,

“Hillary Clinton called for the US to reject isolationism and aggressively engage itself in world affairs in the tradition of President Truman at the end of WWII.

“She cited American involvement in Bosnia and Kosovo as examples of foreign engagements she favored on moral and strategic grounds, but also suggested that Americans needed to consider becoming involved in solving crises that are not only military in nature.”

In other words Hillary urged Bill to launch the first “human rights war” in Bosnia and Kosovo. But in doing so she laid the foundation for an Islamic beachhead in territory previously fought over for centuries by Christian Serbs who were resisting Muslim invasion and conquest.

Again, according to Gail Sheehy writing on December 9, 1999 in Hillary’s Choice, page 345: On March 21, 1999, Hillary expressed her views by phone to the President:

“I urged him to bomb. The Clintons argued the issue over the next few days. The President expressed what-ifs: What if bombing promoted more executions? What if it took apart the NATO alliance?

“Hillary responded, “You cannot let this go on at the end of a century that has seen the major holocaust of our time. What do we have NATO for if not to defend our way of life?”

The next day the President declared that force was necessary. Thus it was Hillary Clinton who urged her husband to bomb Serbia. And it was done, predominately, with the use of U.S. aircraft wearing NATO insignia and bombing from thousands of feet. Inevitably such indiscriminate force led to the destruction of bridges in Belgrade with untold numbers of Serbian civilians killed. Some humanitarian war!

The same thread appeared in June 1999 when Hillary spoke at the Sorbonne in Paris. She again defended the bombing of Serbia by claiming that:

“We will not turn away when human beings are cruelly expelled or when they are denied basic rights and dignities because of how they look or how they worship. When crimes against humanity rear their ugly heads, we have to send such a message as an international community.”

She was referring to the Muslim victims of the war but she lost sight both of the Serbian victims who had died at the hands of Muslims she was defending or who themselves had been expelled from their lands by Muslim aggressors. She misread the strategic and humanitarian disaster to the West that increasingly jihadist Muslim states in the Balkans were bound to create. It was not America’s finest hour.

Now Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is doing the very same in Libya that she set in motion in Bosnia and Kosovo. Like the pressure she brought to bear on President Clinton, Hillary has repeated it with President Obama.

So we have Obama signing on to United States bombing in Libya in order to protect the so-called Libyan rebels against the deplorable President Gaddafi. But, like the Muslims in the Balkans that Hillary wept over, we have no true idea who these rebels really are. There are commentators who believe that, as Gaddafi himself suggested, the rebels are members of Al Qaida or the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is instructive to read Tom Dickinson writing in the far from conservative website, Rolling Stone, on March 21, 2011. Though Dickinson is critical of Obama, remember it was Hillary Clinton who pressured the present president, as did Samantha Power, one of his most influential foreign policy advisors, and Susan Rice, his ambassador to the United Nations. Dickinson wrote:

“In recent years, at mosques throughout eastern Libya, radical imams have been “urging worshippers to support jihad in Iraq and elsewhere, according to Wiki-Leaked cables. More troubling: The city of Derna, east of Benghazi, was a “wellspring” of suicide bombers that targeted U.S. troops in Iraq.

“By imposing a no-fly zone over Eastern Libya, the U.S. and its coalition partners have effectively embraced the breakaway republic of Cyrenaica. A West Point analysis of a cache of al Qaeda records discovered that nearly 20 percent of foreign fighters in Iraq were Libyans, and that on a per-capita basis Libya nearly doubled Saudi Arabia as the top source of foreign fighters.

“The epicenter of Libyan jihadism is the city of Derna – the hometown of more than half of Libya’s foreign fighters. The city of 80,000 has a history of violent resistance to occupying powers – including Americans, who captured the city in the First Barbary War.

“A surprisingly readable cable titled “Die Hard in Derna” makes clear that the city “takes great pride” in having sent so many of its sons to kill American soldiers in Iraq, quoting one resident as saying: ‘It’s jihad – it’s our duty.’”

So here we see Hillary at it again. Having brutally harmed Serbia and forced it to lose its heartland of Kosovo — what Serbs call their Jerusalem — she aided and abetted Muslim jihadist ambitions and is now doing the same in Libya.

Let us also not forget that in Frankfurt, Germany, two U.S. servicemen were recently murdered by a Kosovo Muslim terrorist screaming Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater) as the unarmed soldiers sat in a bus at the airport.

Is Hillary so naïve as not to realize that these are not Libyan rebels in the true sense of the word? No, I believe she fully understands what she is doing and that makes for one truly frightening scenario.

The rebels are jihadists, murderers of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are enemies of the West; enemies of Jews and Christians and of all other non-Muslim faiths. What is shameful is that Americans are being put yet again in harm’s way in another Muslim country and at the urgings of the Arab League: that ever corrupt body that is using American and European forces as cannon fodder.

The jihadists are now the creatures that Barack Hussein Obama, with the connivance and urgings of Hillary, Samantha Power, Susan Rice and so many other “progressive” denizens of the White House and State, are supporting. If this were a novel it would be considered too far-fetched.

It will be interesting to see how the far left views Obama’s and Hillary’s War? Unhappy, to say the least, with the protracted conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and now the Libyan imbroglio, one thing is certain: they cannot this time blame Bush.

Oh, what noxious weeds has Hillary Clinton sown!

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One thought on “Hillary Clinton and the Left: Wars of Aggression Excused by a Complicit Media!

  1. It is no wonder the Mainstream Media is complicit becaue Communist decided to get into the mainstaream media and now they are happy that they have a Communist in office.

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