When a picture tells a thousand words

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

Obama will be crushed in November as will the party he has led into the ditch.  It’s not just about the elitism discussed by Morris in the video below.  Obama is a bad actor, continually circumventing congress, using agencies, czars and the courts to press his agenda.

In the end his desire to turn America into a failed socialist/Marxist state, with no economic plan capable of reviving a moribund economy will lead to a tsunami at the voting booths as American voters wanting their country back and desiring to protect their Constitution send the progressives/socialists/Marxist’s packing.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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2 responses to “When a picture tells a thousand words

  1. Hes looking more like he doesnt really know wha to do any but campaign and thats the only thing thats for him…and the congress is just as bad they dont know what to do any more either.. some of them are old and worn out

  2. Perfect picture. He will kiss anything to get money. He is evil. His lies will be his dimise.

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