Just because Obama is caught holding hands with a fat guy on the golf course is no proof that he is gay.

Guest Author Don Fredrick



Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

Has there been anything this administration has done above-board? If you can think of anything please leave a comment please.  No cheating, looking for Obama’s crack pipe in the back seat of his car doesn’t count.

That’s my story and I’m sticking

Caught with his best bud, Eric Whitaker – who, in 2008, was used as a
go-between to offer Reverend Jeremiah Wright $150,000 to shut up and
stop preaching until after the election.
Here is the real story:

A Chicago non-profit organization called “Let’s Talk, Let’s Test”
(LTLT) is being investigated by the U.S. attorney’s office for misuse
of Illinois taxpayer funds. The organization was founded to fight the
spread of AIDS in the black community. It purportedly has spent more
than $500,000 of the $1.2 million it received from the state on
ghost-payrollers, Soldier Field skybox tickets, and five-figure
bonuses to staffers.

Funds for LTLT were approved by Dr. Eric
Whitaker, a friend of Obama and former head of the Illinois Department
of Public Health. Says Whitaker, “Did I have concerns about giving
money to a new organization? Sure. If you look over the landscape of
black-directed HIV organizations, there was no obvious alternative.”
LTLT is now $950,000 in debt, and blames the state for not giving it
another $1.2 million.

Obama helped get Whitaker his position at the Department of Public
Health. Whitaker then became an executive vice-president at the
University of Chicago Hospitals, which received a $1 million earmark
through the efforts of Obama. Michelle Obama’s salary at the hospital
then jumped from $121,900 to $316,962.

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4 thoughts on “Just because Obama is caught holding hands with a fat guy on the golf course is no proof that he is gay.

  1. No one could make these stories up – they are so absurd that they have to be true – God help this country – It’s some thing shocking every single day – I hope we make it to the elections – http://www.rose4justice.wordpress.com

  2. Obama and Larry Sinclair had a steamy luv affair…

  3. Its true I just sent a email to Ron Paul and told him that Obama comes up with something ever day and its not always good..We have to get rid of the maniac before he reeally does some that cause more deaths..Its like he wants it all but doesnt know what one will do the most dangerous..

  4. Oh my gosh – That could really make his wife jealous – you know! It’s tough enough to fight off a female if a husband goes a stray – but I’m not sure if a wife can break up a same sex friendship, she’ll we say?

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