The Elite Believe That You Are Ruining Their Planet And They Want You To Stop Reproducing

The American Dream
Jim Campbell Citizen Journalist

The problem with the term liberal elite is that it’s a misnomer, many are liberal, those believing themselves to be among the elite can easily be dealt with.  As we are constantly being told with their hair brained schemes and legislation they, the anointed know better that We the People.  Factually this is untrue and will be demonstrated at the polls in November.

We must not forget the entire green movement and the nonsense of population control was brought forward by the communist party.  Doubt me? Google it.

In the mean time to help temper their enthusiasm, a suggested plan would be to put them through a version of Pol Pot’s “Killing Fields” along with re-education camps used during Vietnam.  Here they would be taught all about taxation, and economics, and the U.S. Constitution.  Before graduation they would be tested. Those finishing below the 95th percentile would be parachuted into Tehran in the middle of the night. Of course the would have complete identification as CIA Agents with U.S. Passports, Others particularly among the Jewish elite would travel as members of the Mossad with appropriate identification.

It seems highly probable those that remain among the living would have learned a new meaning to live and let life. 

Today, there are more than 7 billion people living on earth.  For the global elite, that is problem number one.  The vast majority of us don’t spend much time thinking about global population issues, but for many among the elite it is an absolute obsession.  Many of them truly believe that you are ruining their planet and they desperately want you to stop reproducing so much. 

Among the elite, the belief that the world is grossly overpopulated and that this is causing most of our major global problems crosses all political, cultural and social boundaries. 

This philosophy is taught as gospel at the vast majority of all colleges and universities on the planet, and it is being relentlessly pushed by the United Nations, the WHO, the World Bank and national governments all over the globe.  When most people think of “overpopulation”, they think of places such as India, but the truth is that those of us living in America are considered to be the worst offenders because our lifestyles are “polluting” the planet so rapidly.

LMAO below:

In fact, one scientist recently estimated that a child born in the United States has a “carbon legacy” 55 times greater than a child born in India.   (In Algorespeak that would be a consesus).  The elite are convinced that if they can reduce the global population far enough and get the remaining people living on earth to switch over to “sustainable lifestyles” that they will be able to save “their” planet.  But the draconian measures that would be necessary to achieve this dystopian dream would not be very palatable to the vast majority of us.  In fact, if the most radical population control advocates get their way, we will experience global tyranny on a scale never seen before.

Right now, most of us living in the western world are not prepared to accept “forced” population control measures and the global elite know this.  But the truth is that they absolutely love what is going on right now in places such as China.

In China today, a one child policy is strictly enforced, and women are literally pulled from their homes and taken to abortion clinics when they are found to be in violation.  The following example comes from a recent CNN article….

When Ji Yeqing awakened, she was already in the recovery room.

Chinese authorities had dragged her out of her home and down four flights of stairs, she said, restraining and beating her husband as he tried to come to her aid.

They whisked her into a clinic, held her down on a bed and forced her to undergo an abortion.

Her offense? Becoming pregnant with a second child, in violation of China’s one-child policy.

So does the international community condemn China for such actions?

No, in fact the United Nations gives China awards for their population reduction policies.

In the western world, there are also great efforts underway to reduce family sizes and to get women to choose not to have children.  But these efforts are always “voluntary”.  We are told that if women are “empowered” that they will always choose to have fewer children.

But many radical environmentalists are openly complaining that these voluntary methods are not getting the job done fast enough.

For example, the following is from a recent article by Julia Whitty for Mother Jones….

The only known solution to ecological overshoot is to decelerate our population growth faster than it’s decelerating now and eventually reverse it—at the same time we slow and eventually reverse the rate at which we consume the planet’s resources. Success in these twin endeavors will crack our most pressing global issues: climate change, food scarcity, water supplies, immigration, health care, biodiversity loss, even war. On one front, we’ve already made unprecedented strides, reducing global fertility from an average 4.92 children per woman in 1950 to 2.56 today—an accomplishment of trial and sometimes brutally coercive error, but also a result of one woman at a time making her individual choices. The speed of this childbearing revolution, swimming hard against biological programming, rates as perhaps our greatest collective feat to date.

But it’s not enough. And it’s still not fast enough. Faced with a world that can support either a lot of us consuming a lot less or far fewer of us consuming more, we’re deadlocked: individuals, governments, the media, scientists, environmentalists, economists, human rights workers, liberals, conservatives, business and religious leaders.

For radicals such as Whitty, things are never moving fast enough.  They truly believe that humanity is destroying the planet and that they are literally attempting to “save the world” by pushing for global population control.

But this kind of thinking is not just reflected in the writings of a few radicals.

The truth is that “scientific reports” advocating global population control are regularly featured in the most important newspapers all over the planet.

The following example comes from a recent article in the Guardian….

World population needs to be stabilised quickly and high consumption in rich countries rapidly reduced to avoid “a downward spiral of economic and environmental ills”, warns a major report from the Royal Society.

Contraception must be offered to all women who want it and consumption cut to reduce inequality, says the study published on Thursday, which was chaired by Nobel prize-winning biologist Sir John Sulston.

The assessment of humanity’s prospects in the next 100 years, which has taken 21 months to complete, argues strongly that to achieve long and healthy lives for all 9 billion people expected to be living in 2050, the twin issues of population and consumption must be pushed to the top of political and economic agendas.

When was the last time that you saw an article that was 100% opposed to global population control featured in an important newspaper?

Sadly, this population control agenda has a complete stranglehold on the scientific community.  The philosophy that the earth is massively overpopulated and that this overpopulation is causing most of our biggest problems is considered to be gospel at most of our colleges and universities today.

If you question this orthodoxy, you risk being academically blackballed.

Not only that, but the scientific community considers the biggest offenders of all to be Americans because of our “excessive” lifestyles.

For example, just check out what statistician Paul Murtaugh of Oregon State University said a while back….

“Using United Nations projections of fertility, and projecting statistically through the lifespan of the mother’s line—some lineages being short-lived, others indefinitely long—an American child born today adds an average 10,407 tons of carbon dioxide to the carbon legacy of her mother. That’s almost six times more CO2 than the mother’s own lifetime emissions. Furthermore, the ecological costs of that child and her children far outweigh even the combined energy-saving choices from all a mother’s other good decisions, like buying a fuel-efficient car, recycling, using energy-saving appliances and lightbulbs. The carbon legacy of one American child and her offspring is 20 times greater than all those other sustainable maternal choices combined.”

Murtaugh also believes that a child born in the United States has a “carbon legacy” that is 55 times greater than that of a child born in India.

This helps to explain why the elite are so obsessed with abortion and “family planning”.

The elite are desperate to convince you to stop reproducing.

They truly believe that they are helping to “save the world” when they convince us to have less children.

In fact, the amount of money that is being spent to promote “family planning” around the globe is absolutely staggering.

For example, according to a recent MarketWatch article Bill and Melinda Gates plan to spend 4 billion dollars to get contraceptive devices into the hands of 120 million more women by the year 2020….

Melinda Gates recently announced a “new crusade” for her $32 billion Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A recent Newsweek interview with Michelle Goldberg says it’s a “decision that is likely to change lives all over the planet.”

Gates has “decided to make family planning her signature issue,” by investing “billions to revolutionize contraception worldwide,” with substantial economic consequences.

The Gates decision will “be hugely significant for American women.” She’s “pouring money into the long-neglected field of contraceptive research, seeking entirely new methods of birth control,” a “whole new class of drugs,” some that could even work without hormones, and others, might be implantable devises that never need to be removed, can even be turned on and off by the woman.

While Bill and Melinda Gates portray their population control efforts as “humanitarian endeavors”, others among the global elite are more open about what they consider the “endgame” to be.

The following examples are from a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson….

Finnish environmentalist guru Pentti Linkola, publicly called for climate change deniers be “re-educated” in eco-gulags and that the vast majority of humans be killed with the rest enslaved and controlled by a green police state, with people forcibly sterilized, cars confiscated and travel restricted to members of the elite.

Another Finnish environmentalist writer, Martin Kreiggeist, hails Linkola’s call for eco-gulags and oppression as “a solution,” calling for people to “take up the axes” in pursuit of killing off the third world. Kreiggeist wants fellow eco-fascists to “act on” Linkola’s call for mass murder in order to solve overpopulation.

– In 2010, James Lovelock, the creator of the Gaia hypothesis, told the Guardian that “democracy must be put on hold” to combat global warming and that “a few people with authority” should be allowed to run the planet because people were too stupid to be allowed to steer their own destinies.

There are a surprising number of people out there that actually advocate for mass murder and mass enslavement for the good of the planet.

Dave Foreman, the co-founder of Earth First, once stated that reducing the global population to 100 million people is one of his three main goals….

“My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with it’s full complement of species, returning throughout the world.”

Sadly, this philosophy has even infected the U.S. government.  The truth is that billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have been spent to promote population control around the globe, and it hasn’t mattered much whether Republicans or Democrats were in the White House.  The following is an excerpt from an article entitled “The Population Control Holocaust” by Robert Zubrin…..

Of the billions of taxpayer dollars that the U.S. government has expended on population control abroad, a portion has been directly spent by USAID on its own field activities, but the majority has been laundered through a variety of international agencies. As a result of this indirect funding scheme, all attempts to compel the population control empire to conform its activities to accepted medical, ethical, safety, or human rights norms have proven futile. Rather, in direct defiance of laws enacted by Congress to try to correct the situation, what has and continues to be perpetrated at public expense is an atrocity on a scale so vast and varied as to almost defy description. Nevertheless, it is worth attempting to convey to readers some sense of the evil that is being done with their money.

If you have not read the rest of that article yet, you really should.  You can find the rest of that article right here.

At this point, nearly every major international organization is involved in these population control efforts to at least some degree.

For example, a recent article by Jurriaan Maessen detailed how the World Bank is actually using “financial assistance” as leverage to get developing nations to conform to the global population control agenda….

According to two subsequent documents put out by the World Bank, its guidelines dictate that in order to qualify for World Bank lending, sovereign nations must implement population reduction objectives as outlined by the World Bank and UN Population Fund. If they refuse, lending will be withdrawn.

Already pre-tested and implemented in Yemen and Niger, these guidelines are destined for global implementation within the next decade, says the World Bank.

Isn’t that sick?

Later in that same article, Maessen discusses how the UN, the WHO, the World Bank and many other international organizations all work together to move this twisted agenda forward….

Returning to the essence, the intention and the strategy leave little for the imagination: a global consensus is in place between all the major transnational institutions and banks: the earth’s population must be brought down, with all means necessary. The World Bank uses financial tools to bring nations on their knees, demanding they cull their numbers; the UN guarantees the political legitimizing for these depopulation policies (Agenda 21); the Foundations develop the anti-fertility vaccines and GM Food, the World Health Organization takes care of the “health-standards” and distribution. With the help of this global construct, carefully coordinated from the top-down, the scientific dictatorship has circled the wagons around all of free humanity.

Sadly, there is so much more that could be said about all of this.  If you are interested in learning more about the disgusting population control agenda of the global elite, the following are 10 more articles I would recommend checking out….

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#10To The Global Elite The Math Is Simple: Human Overpopulation Is Causing Climate Change So The Solution To Climate Change Is Population Control

This population control agenda is not going away any time soon.

In fact, thanks to endless propaganda in the media, it is winning over more hearts and minds with each passing day.

Just ask some of your friends what they think.  If you are like most Americans, it is almost inevitable that you will have some friends that believe in global population control.

And without a doubt there will be readers that leave comments at the end of this article supporting the population control agenda of the global elite.

The idea that humanity is ruining the planet and that we need to dramatically reduce our numbers is being relentlessly pushed today.  Millions upon millions of people all over the world have bought into this lie hook, line and sinker.

Ultimately, this philosophy will lead us down a path that will end in absolute global tyranny.

So what do you think about this issue?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

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11 thoughts on “The Elite Believe That You Are Ruining Their Planet And They Want You To Stop Reproducing

  1. To limit, then regiment the human species has always been one of the prime tenets of Marxism (but then how many have actually read Das Kapital?). There also has always been a strong neo-satanist tinge to the Markist Elite (invariably – like old Karl hiumself – the spoiled brats of some Ruling Elite, either land-owning or academic).

    Marxism is basically a return to Feudalism, phrased in terms of what then d for mid 19th century Science.

  2. I think to help depopulate we should first get rid of all the Muslims as they have large families….6 to 8 children per wife….times by 4 wives….way too many of them! Then we should get all the green weenies and execute them and their families because they are the weak link in the human chain! Then all the femi-nazis and their families…can’t have the educated stupid people multiplying more stupid people! Next in line should be all the Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, and the special interest groups who are promoting agendas for a small percentage of people……this should take care of things for a while!

  3. Bureaucracy 101: The ABC’s Of Bureaucracy– Any time that a governmental Agency, Bureau, Commission or Department is formed to deal with a “perceived” problem, the “perceived” problem, social or otherwise, is guaranteed to worsen and the number of victims, problems, etc. to solve or serve will grow exponentially as the size, expenditures, and power of the Bureaucratic Machine grows.

    Governmental Agencies, Bureaus, Commissions and Departments become their own Self-Perpetuating Empires, and like all Empires, they become Despotic and will never willingly and peaceable relinquish their power.

    The current so-called Health Care Bill will add hundreds of new agencies, bureaus, commissions, and departments, and of course the bureaucrats to man them. For example, the IRS, who is going to oversee this Monstrosity is adding 16,500 new Gestapo to Enforce the Forced Purchase of Health Care or To Collect Fines If you Refuse to obey.

    Wake Up America, this is one more nail in our Constitutional Rights. Are you all going to sit back and wait for the Brown Shirts to kick down your door??

  4. These elite are not in charge but work as servants to the people who put them in office to serve the people. Since they have done such a miserable job they should be fired. The people are in charge of this Republic!!

    • That’s similar to what I said!!

      • Well, go and tell the current Obama Regime and the gutless congress and their bureaucracy that they have no rights to do what they are and have been doing to this country, and see what kind of response you get from Inside the Beltway crowd that is now in firm control of this country. They will laugh their asses off at you.

        • I have lived and worked in the Beltway bubble and they indeed do not know anything about the rest of the world. They only know cocktail parties and don’t listen to anything but what the media that tells them lies. They are about to learn something they never knew. Their jobs are going away along with them.

        • Let the laugh, they won’t be laughing long!

  5. Just saw a report on how the minorities will out number the whites in the near future. Well probably because married couples tend to think logically and use common sense as in can we afford any more children – should be have another and both work or maybe one stay home and raise the kids. This is not that previlent in other cases. Could be muslims will take over the planet altogether anyway. Maybe that is the reasoning behind this.??

  6. The Elite ARE the people behind the politicians. Politicians are generally bourgeoise dweeb hirlings. Very seldom do the actual Aristocrats (the Rockefellers being the main exception) run for public office.

    Money can’t buy one’s way into the Elite. It’s detrermined by blood lines (preferably those with Merovingean roots). After all, anybody with the wrong genetic heritage is just uppity White Trash from peasant stock. Capish?

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