Why in the word did I ever hire you?

One of the best lines I have heard lately was from a retired shop foreman at the old Republic Steel Plant in Cleveland, Ohio when a young black kid was being laid off.
The black kid said to the shop foreman,

“You’re firing me because I’m black!”
We Elected You Because You’re Black, We’re Voting You Out Because You’re Useless.
“In God ONLY We Trust”
The foreman thought a moment and said,
“No, we hired you because you were black. We’re
firing you because you are useless.”
Sounds like a possible slogan for the 2012 election!
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2 thoughts on “Why in the word did I ever hire you?

  1. The way to abolish Shariah Law in the USA is to BAN Islam from being identified as a legitimate religion with constitutional protections as such.  Islam is a socio-political organization that poses as a religion and should be totally outlawed and banned in the USA.  There are plenty of countries that allow this barbaric system.  Those who practice it should stay there, and those who choose to convert should go to a Muslim country to Convert.  Enough of this insanity.  Would we allow a religion called Nazism to Exist where it’s adherents called for the Death to the USA and Death To Jews and Other Ethnic Groups.  Of course we would not.  Well, the so-called religion of Islam calls for the Death To the USA, Death TO Jews and in fact, Death To Anybody Who Refuses To Submit to Allah!!!  Wake Up America, Islam is no religion, in spite of what your Secular Humanist Catholics, The POTUS, Your Secular Humanist Episcopalians and others might tell you.

  2. Bureaucracy 101: The ABC’s Of Bureaucracy– Any time that a governmental Agency, Bureau, Commission or Department is formed to deal with a “perceived” problem, the “perceived” problem, social or otherwise, is guaranteed to worsen and the number of victims, problems, etc. to solve or serve will grow exponentially as the size, expenditures, and power of the Bureaucratic Machine grows.

    Governmental Agencies, Bureaus, Commissions and Departments become their own Self-Perpetuating Empires, and like all Empires, they become Despotic and will never willingly and peaceable relinquish their power.

    The current so-called Health Care Bill will add hundreds of new agencies, bureaus, commissions, and departments, and of course the bureaucrats to man them. For example, the IRS, who is going to oversee this Monstrosity is adding 16,500 new Gestapo to Enforce the Forced Purchase of Health Care or To Collect Fines If you Refuse to obey.

    Wake Up America, this is one more nail in our Constitutional Rights. Are you all going to sit back and wait for the Brown Shirts to kick down your door??

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